Computer Music Composition with RTcmix – Jerod Sommerfeldt

Jerod Sommerfeldt - Computer Music Composition with RTcmix  artwork

Computer Music Composition with RTcmix

Jerod Sommerfeldt

Genre: Music

Publish Date: July 14, 2016

Publisher: Pareidoliaudio

Seller: Jerod Sommerfeldt

Serving as a comprehensive introduction to the world of RTcmix and computer music creation, this book is approached methodologically and takes the reader through the basics of installation, explains some very useful commands in UNIX, demonstrates how to write score files and play them back in its native MINC language and Python, carefully explains various RTcmix instruments and commands, finally delving into more advanced topics, such as running RTcmix in a variety of platforms, which will be fun for beginners and useful for all who seek to make exciting computer music. The mantra of Computer Music Composition with RTcmix is musical creation and is divided into a series of sonatas and interludes. Following a brief prelude that surveys the history of RTcmix, each sonata focuses on a specific task in RTcmix that culminates in a set of suggested directions for composing the reader’s own, brief work that together could comprise a new finished piece or suite of pieces. Interludes will cover topics introduced in each sonata and seek to explain those concepts in greater detail.

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