Taylor Swift Celebrated National Snake Day During Her Stadium Tour On The Anniversary Of Kim Kardashian’s Tweet

It’s been two years since Kim Kardashian tried to tarnish Taylor Swift’s “reputation,” but it looks like the singer is doing better than she ever was. 

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Tweet of the Day (Original Recording) – BBC Natural History Radio

BBC Natural History Radio - Tweet of the Day (Original Recording)  artwork

Tweet of the Day (Original Recording)

BBC Natural History Radio

Genre: Arts & Entertainment

Price: $ 15.95

Publish Date: July 5, 2018

© ℗ © 2018 BBC Digital Audio

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Roseanne Barr insists her controversial tweet was about anti-Semitism

Roseanne Barr is doubling down that she is not a racist.

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Roseanne Reacts to Show Cancellation in a Tweet

Roseanne Barr, 2018 Golden Globes, Red Carpet FashionsRoseanne Barr has returned to Twitter following the cancellation of her show earlier today…following her own racist Twitter rant.
A few hours after Roseanne sent and then deleted a…

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Episode 24: President Trump’s tweet war with Russia


President Trump’s tweet war against Russia

The post Episode 24: President Trump’s tweet war with Russia appeared first on Dilbert Blog.

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Laura Ingraham Expected To Return To Fox News Following Parkland Tweet Backlash

Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham is expected back at work Monday following backlash by advertisers upset over her tweet mocking a Parkland, Florida, school shooting survivor.

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Stevie Wonder Joins Twitter, 1st Tweet Salutes Martin Luther King, Jr.

Source: NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 17: Stevie Wonder performs onstage during TIDAL X: Brooklyn at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on October 17, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIDAL)

Stevie Wonder is officially rolling with Twitter. Today (April 4), the truly iconic musician and activist sent out his first message, a homage to Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Not so coincidentally the message arrives on the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights leader’s assassination.

“On April 4th, 1968 at 7:05 p.m. central time, Dr. King’s life was cut tragically short. 50 years later a need for his dream to be fulfilled is far greater than ever.
Share your dream & post your own #DreamStillLives video. Spread love…spread hope,” read his message, accompanied by a video.

With Wonder’s “Heaven Help Us All” as the musical backdrop, Barack and Michelle Obama, Common, Billy Crystal, Serena Williams, Robert Deniro and many more stars share their dreams.

Please, no sliding into Stevie Wonder’s DM’s.

Photo: Getty for TIDAL

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B.J. Novak Just Moved Mindy Kaling to Tears With One Thoughtful Tweet

Mindy Kaling, B.J. NovakB.J. Novak is spreading some Disney magic to his close friend.
As moviegoers flock to the theaters to see A Wrinkle in Time, the actor had a special message to share with one of the…

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Is Camila Cabello Going on Tour With Taylor Swift? See the Tweet Raising Eyebrows

Camila Cabello, Taylor SwiftMaybe we know what Camila Cabello is doing this summer!
As excitement continues to build around Taylor Swift’s reputation stadium tour, some fans are wondering if they just discovered…

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NRA uses GIF of Leslie Knope in pro-gun tweet — and Amy Poehler is not here for it

Former “Parks and Recreation” stars are furious that the National Rifle Association tweeted a GIF from a scene in their long-running NBC show.

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Boston PD criticized for Black History tweet

The Boston Police Department is facing heavy criticism online for a now-deleted Twitter post for Black History Month that celebrated former Celtics coach Red Auerbach.
www.espn.com – NBA

Idris Elba Proposed To His Girlfriend, Heartbroken Women Tweet Through It

Source:  Regina Wagner/Future Image/WENN.com

Stringer Bell aka Luther is officially off the market. Actor Idris Elbra proposed to his girlfriend, Sabrina Dhowre, 29, before the screening of his new film last night (Feb. 9) in London.

Is there really any doubt that she said yes?

Sure there are plenty of women offering congrats to the now engaged Elba. But there are plenty more tweeting through the hurt of not being chosen.

Mostly in jest, we hope. Peep the most hilarious reactions below and on the flip.

Photo: WENN.com

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Donald Trump’s ‘Stable Genius’ Tweet Sparks Rush to Sell Merch

The true “stable genius” might not be President Trump … instead it’s the people cashing in on 45’s latest catchphrase. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 3 people have already applied for rights to slap “stable genius” all over…


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James Franco Accuser Defends Tweet About Ruining People’s Lives

One of the women accusing James Franco of sexual assault is blasting critics who have latched on to a comment she made … that she likes to ruin lives. Violet Paley has claimed Franco forced her head into his lap while his penis was exposed. She told…


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Is President Trump’s Nuclear Button Tweet a Sign of Insanity?

On CNN yesterday, Jake Tapper described President Trump’s recent behavior — including the President’s tweet about having a bigger nuclear “button” than North Korea — as abnormal and unstable. In other words, crazy.

Is it?

One folksy definition of “crazy” is that it involves trying over and over again a solution that has never worked while hoping it works next time. President Trump is doing something closer to the opposite of that. He’s doing something new, both strategically and verbally. To be fair, new things can be crazy too. But usually only if they don’t work. When a new and unexpected thing works out well, we call it genius. And that begs the question: Is President Trump’s approach to North Korea working?

We’re seeing economic sanctions on North Korea that have the support of the UN Security Council. That part is working, and it took diplomatic skill to make it happen.

But we also see satellite images of tankers smuggling oil into North Korea. The sanctions looked as if they were not effective until South Korea detained two tankers involved in smuggling oil to North Korea. Grabbing two tankers doesn’t do much in terms of limiting supply, but it does dramatically change the perceived economics of being a smuggler. And if grabbing two tankers doesn’t get the message across, South Korea can keep detaining tankers until the economics do change. North Korea would be willing to take big risks to break the sanctions, but the shipping companies on which they depend will not. Shipping companies will only participate in wrongdoing when they are confident they won’t get caught. That calculation changed when South Korea detained two tankers.

I told you months ago that the United States was going to war with corporations that trade with North Korea. We’re seeing that with the detained tankers. Whoever owns them is bleeding cash while they sit unused. And I speculate that our intelligence services are making life difficult for other CEOs and corporations involved in violating the economic sanctions. President Trump knows he doesn’t need to stop all of the smuggling and cheating — he only needs to increase the risk until it is uneconomical for the companies involved. We’re heading in that direction.

For the first time I can recall, time is on our side with North Korea. Every passing day sees North Korea’s economy shrinking while South Korea and America thrive. We’re effectively already at war and winning hard. The longer North Korea waits to get serious about negotiating, the weaker their hand.

A recent statement out of North Korea said, in effect, that they need their nuclear weapons as a deterrent because the United States is performing war games along its border. The way I interpret North Korea’s statement is that they are getting flexible. This is the first time I’ve heard North Korea speak of their nukes as conditional on what we do. In other words, they are open to denuclearizing if we reduce their perceived military risk. They haven’t said that directly. But that’s how I read it.

North Korea recently made friendly gestures toward South Korea, offering to participate in the upcoming Olympics and opening cross-border communications for the first time in a year. The trend we are seeing is that the tougher the sanctions and rhetoric from the United States, the more flexible North Korea is becoming.

But let’s talk about President Trump’s latest tweet about North Korea. Here is the text:

“North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

Here we see President Trump “pacing” (or matching) the hyperbolic rhetoric of Kim Jung Un. The two leaders are trash-talking each other like sports rivals. But what is missed in the hysterics over wording is that President Trump and Kim Jung Un are negotiating personally, albeit in public. And I think it is safe to say both players know they are being over-the-top with their trash-talk. The odds of a nuclear miscalculation based on anything said so far is effectively zero. And if the rhetoric ratchets up to a new level of hyperbole, I would still see no additional risk. President Trump and Kim Jong Un have demonstrated they know the difference between trash-talk and action.

The Persuasion Filter says this public trash-talking probably lowers our risk of a nuclear accident. If you don’t share the kind of personality we are seeing displayed by both leaders, you might miss the biggest variable in play here. What I see is two unconventional leaders already in conversation, getting a feel for the other, and on some level enjoying the exchange. You know President Trump loves this sort of verbal battle, and he’s good at it. Now keep in mind that North Korea is a tiny country that would normally be below America’s radar. But Kim Jong Un has the full attention of the President of the United States and is trash-talking with him in public. I have to think he enjoys the verbal jousting on some level, same as President Trump.

So while it might look to many observers as two crazy leaders heading for a nuclear showdown, to me it looks like two colorful characters who probably have a weird kind of respect for each other. Let me put it another way. Which of these two situations carries a greater risk of accidental nuclear war?

  1. Two nuclear foes who have no communication and are trying to interpret the actions of the other.
  2. Two nuclear foes trash-talking each other (with humor) in front of the world

I’ll take option two every time. When Kim Jong Un and President Trump are trash-talking in public with hyperbolic humor, they’re talking. The only risk is that one of them doesn’t understand the other is being over-the-top for effect. And I see no real risk of that. They both know what they are getting with the other.

I’d be worried if I saw Kim Jong Un yammering about the latest round of economic sanctions being an act of war. But instead he’s talking of participating in the Olympics in South Korea. That sounds like a leader who is trying to avoid war.

If you are a literal type of person who doesn’t recognize hyperbole or humor, I can see how this situation looks scary. But I promise you neither leader has a physical “button” on his desk, of any size, to launch a nuclear attack. And I feel confident that both leaders understand humor and hyperbole when they see it.

My view on all of this is that we are closer than we have ever been to a peace deal that results in a non-nuclear North Korea. Everything I see suggests President Trump is successfully “setting the table,” as he likes to say, for productive talks. Can the hundred-year plan for reunification be far away?

You might like my book, Win Bigly, because the alternative is to believe you are about to die in a nuclear blast.

The post Is President Trump’s Nuclear Button Tweet a Sign of Insanity? appeared first on Dilbert Blog.

Dilbert Blog

‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Apologizes For Insensitive Halloween Tweet

“Riverdale” star Lili
Reinhart found herself in some hot water after she sent out a tweet over the
weekend, which rubbed some fans the wrong way.

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John Mayer Celebrates His 1-Year Anniversary Of Being Sober With A Tweet

John Mayer is sharing his journey with his fans. 

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Jake Owen, Chris Young And Other Artists Tweet From Route 91 Festival As Shooting Rampage Unfolds

Country artists on site at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas responded immediately via Twitter as shots began ringing out last Oct. 1 to let…
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Kyrie Irving Breaks Silence On Leaving Cavs — But LeBron Would Rather Tweet About 2Pac

Gotta keep your head up!

HipHopDX News

The 5 Hot Takes You Need To Unpack Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Tweet

What to make of the kerfuffle over “covfefe.”
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Barack Obama’s Charlottesville Response Is The Most-Liked Tweet In History

Twitter says President Barack Obama’s tweet in response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend has taken the crown as the platform’s most-liked post ever.

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Sheryl Crow’s latest song inspired by tweet, politics

For Grammy award-winning artist Sheryl Crow, inspiration comes from everywhere, even the most random tweet.

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GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

‘Tweet’ Is The Brilliant Animated Trump Parody Of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’

It’s a good question: What the hell ARE we doing here?
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A Donald Trump Tweet Has Inspired A Hot New Death Metal Band Name

“I saw Dems Scream Death open for Black Sabbath once.”
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Ashton Kutcher Fires Back At Cheating Accusation With 1 Epic Tweet

Ashton Kutcher had a quick explanation after a tabloid questioned why he was seen out and about with a mystery woman recently: She was his cousin.

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How President Trump’s Tweet about Morning Joe Will Destroy Civilization

Here’s a link to my Periscope video explaining how President Trump’s mean tweets about Morning Joe will destroy everything you love. Wake up, people! It’s common sense! Tweets kill!

On a totally unrelated topic, I have confirmed that 30% of the public can’t identify a joke without the help of a service animal.

You might enjoy reading my book because service animals are furry.

I’m also on…

Twitter (includes Periscope): @scottadamssays​

YouTube: At this link.

Instagram: ScottAdams925

Facebook Official Page: fb.me/ScottAdamsOfficial

Scott Adams’ Blog

Why This Tweet Went Viral

You already saw my Robots Read News comic about self-driving cars. This one got more attention than any other tweet I have done. Let’s see why.

1. It is a visual image. Pictures do better than text.

2. It uses three dimensions of humor: Cruel, clever, bizarre

3. No person or group is offended (so it is easy to retweet without fear)

4. Self-driving cars are a hot topic and sexy enough that folks want to be associated with it. Robots are extra-topical these days too. When you combine two headline trends, you usually get something funny.

5. The comic portrays all humans as dumb. That theme always performs well.

6. It is brief and has no sound, so it easy to consume. People can forward it without feeling they are asking much of the recipient.

7. It looks good on mobile devices.

8. It has no sexual or other problematic content, so people can forward it without professional risk.

There are other ways to go viral, but if you hit all of those eight points, you will probably get people’s attention. True viral activity doesn’t often happen because even professionals can’t generate viral content on demand. This comic idea popped into my head while I was thinking of something else and I wrote it down. I doubt I could have started from scratch to build a viral tweet and succeeded. But I did consciously make it conform to the eight points to increase its chances.

At Top Tech Blog, a breakthrough in super capacitors could change the world in a big way by replacing traditional batteries. We might be getting close with this.

My book is getting a lot of attention lately. It has been out long enough that people are reporting improvements in fitness, weight, careers, and life in general.


Scott Adams Blog

T.I.’s Powerful Poem Urges Twitter Activists To Do More Than Just Tweet

T.I. encourages listeners to do more than just tweet about injustice in the world.

Ann Coulter Calls Fury Over Jewish-Debate Tweet “Fake Outrage”: “I’m Pro-Israel”

“It’s totally fake outrage from frauds who want to continue the dump of third-worlders on the country, including Muslim Jihadists, and voted for the guy who just gave a nuke to Iran,” says the conservative pundit.

read more

Hollywood Reporter

‘Sexist’ Tweet About Amal Clooney Prompts Outrage Online

She’s a renowned human rights lawyer whose clients have included Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the state of Cambodia. She’s been appointed to several United Nations commissions, and has spent time teaching at Columbia Law School, The Hague Academy of International Law and other respected institutions.

Yet, on Saturday, when the Associated Press penned a tweet about Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin), they chose not to identify her by her many achievements but instead by her marriage to actor George Clooney.

The decision prompted outrage on social media, as many netizens accused the news outlet of sexism.


In the wake of the criticism, the AP did not edit or remove the original tweet about Clooney, but in a subsequent post referred to the attorney as a “human rights lawyer.”

Clooney, 37, had been in the news because of her involvement in the trial of Egyptian-Canadian journalist Mohammed Fahmy.

Fahmy was one of the three Al-Jazeera English journalists who were handed three-year jail terms on Saturday for broadcasting material deemed “harmful to Egypt” following the 2013 military coup.

Clooney, who represented Fahmy, has called on Egyptian presidentAbdel Fattah el-Sissi, to pardon the men.

“The verdict today sends a very dangerous message in Egypt,” said Clooney after the ruling. “It sends a message that journalists can be locked up for simply doing their job, for telling the truth and reporting the news. And it sends a dangerous message that there are judges in Egypt who will allow their courts to become instruments of political repression and propaganda.”


Also on HuffPost: 

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Rick Ross Sued For $55K Because He Didn’t Tweet Enough

Rick Ross had one job. But since Rozay didn’t tweet about a Super Bowl party that he was hosting enough times, he is being sued for at least $ 55K. 

Reports TMZ:

Conexts is suing Rick for the Jan. 30 event that was scheduled to go down at the Scottsdale Mall Amphitheater. According to the docs, Ricky Rozay agreed to do some heavy duty social media promotion for the party and concert.

The company says he was supposed to do DAILY social postings for 2 weeks leading up to it — but only did ONE post. Conexts says it was crucial for the event’s success for Rick to reach out to his 13 million followers.

Rozay didn’t have a social media manager to handle that?

For its trouble, Context is seeking the $ 55K it paid Ross plus damages. Meanwhile, Ross’ TL on Instagram is looking rather steady.

Instagram Photo

Photo: Instagram


The post Rick Ross Sued For $ 55K Because He Didn’t Tweet Enough appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

This Beauty Pageant Queen Turned A Mean Tweet Into A Positive Movement With #NoMakeupSelfie

Just because you look picture perfect, doesn’t mean that you’re immune from cyberbullying.

North Carolina beauty pageant queen Isabella Gaines, Miss Greater Port City’s Outstanding Teen 2015, found that out the hard way when a stranger tweeted two photos of her side-by-side on June 30 — one with makeup, and one seemingly without.


The tweet was featured on the “NCOT no makeup” account (NCOT stands for “North Carolina Outstanding Teen” ) which describes itself as “the page where youll (sic) find the prettiest NCOT girls WITH NO MAKEUP! YUCK!” 

“I was kind of hurt at first,” said Gaines in an interview with local news station WNCN. But instead of ignoring the tweet or saying something hurtful back, Gaines decided to turn the tweet into an inspiring social media moment.


From there, Gaines told WCNC that her friend, Kenzie Hansley, decided to post her own photo with and without makeup. Hansley ended her message with #NoMakeupSelfie and from there, the movement spread like wildfire. Pretty soon, other pagent queens, celebrities and girls from North Carolina to California were tweeting at Gaines and Hansley with their own selfies. 

“I honestly did not expect this type of response. I wanted to help one person, but I am happy it went this big and has an encouraging message,” said Gaines in a conversation with The Huffington Post. “I have learned you don’t have to take things and you can take a stand for things you believe in and you CAN make a difference.” 


H/T Buzzfeed

Also on HuffPost: 

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Style – The Huffington Post
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Southern Hummingbird – Tweet

Tweet - Southern Hummingbird  artwork

Southern Hummingbird


Genre: R&B/Soul

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: April 2, 2002

© ℗ 2002 Elektra Entertainment for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in R&B/Soul

Demi Lovato alludes to father’s death in touching tweet

Demi Lovato feels overwhelmed when a song manages to “grab her heart”.
Music-News.com RSS feed
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Drake Bell catches heat over tweet: ‘Still calling you Bruce’

Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell is under fire after he tweeted “Sorry…still calling you Bruce” when the world met Caitlyn Jenner on Monday.

CNN.com – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Burger Chain Distributes ‘Ageist’ Madonna Tweet

Umami Burger can forget about asking Madonna for an endorsement. 
The California-based fast food chain has been slammed as “ageist” and “cruel”…
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Big Sean — I Never Threatened Justin Bieber … That Tweet Is a Fake!

The Big Sean/Justin Bieber feud is over before it even started … or more accurately … it never existed in the first place.   A rep for Big Sean tells TMZ the tweet going around in which Sean threatened Bieber for laying hands on Ariana…


TMZ Celebrity News for Gossip Rumors

9 Things The IRS Would Tweet On Tax Day If It Were Cool

The IRS is the hottest Twitter account since @CIA. At least, it could be.

Listen, you expect that the IRS’s Twitter feed is not going to be very exciting, and THEN … well, it’s not. It’s a pretty standard government social media feed. Heavy on info, light on fun. But we’re pretty certain that if the IRS could let loose on social media, they would have a Twitter account that looks more like this:

Oh, also don’t audit us, IRS, please and thank you.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Comedy – The Huffington Post
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Tweet Game Proper: How To Flourish On Black Twitter [Photos]

Black Twitter, a social media group so significant that even Wikipedia has it as an entry, is a powerful and unstoppable force. And like most popular things, there are ways to flourish as a member of this segment of the fast-moving social media network.


While we’ve highlighted the best and brightest of Black Twitter in a special series of posts last year, we didn’t necessarily give users new to the world tips on how to get involved. In the following pages, Hip-Hop Wired will show you how to rep the Black Twitter set to the fullest.

Do let us know if we’ve missed anything key in the comments section or on our Facebook page. We also like tweets, too.

Photo: Twitter

The post Tweet Game Proper: How To Flourish On Black Twitter [Photos] appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Common and John Legend Win Golden Globe For “Glory”, Makes Jay Z Tweet

Common and John Legend repped Hip-Hop beautifully at this year’s Golden Globes. The former G.O.O.D. Music label mates won a Golden Globe for the song “Glory,” from the Selma soundtrack, in the Best Original Song in a Motion Picture category.

Reports Madame Noire:

It was an emotional moment for both men who took time out while accepting their award to acknowledge issues of race and violence currently plaguing our nation.

“The first day I stepped on the set of ‘Selma,’ I began to feel like this was bigger than a movie,” Common said during his acceptance speech. “As I got to know the people of the Civil Rights Movement, I realized that I am the hopeful Black woman who was denied her right to vote. I am the caring White supporter killed on the front lines of freedom. I am the unarmed Black kid who maybe needed a hand, but instead was given a bullet. I am the two fallen police officers murdered in the line of duty. ‘Selma’ has awaken my humanity.”

“Selma is now,” he concluded.

Also, John Legend’s wife quickly became a meme, just because.

Better yet, the win even made Jay Z log in to Twitter.

Instagram Photo

Photo: Instagram/@common

The post Common and John Legend Win Golden Globe For “Glory”, Makes Jay Z Tweet appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

The Game Catches Backlash For NYPD Tweet [Photos]

As the country attempts to make sense of the senseless execution of two police officers in Brooklyn, the positive and the negative NYPD tweets have begun to fly at a rapid pace.

The Game unsurprisingly steered towards the anti-cop sentiments in the wake of the national news story and responded with, “I guess y’all “can’t breathe” either. #RIPEricGarner #AllLivesMatter” as it was accompanied with one of the countless articles on the crisis.

Inevitably, there was a swift blowback, most notably by Perez Hilton for the seemingly heartless sentiment.


But like a true G to his word, Jayceon didn’t back down, alleging that he was referencing the viral pictures of the struggle NYPD supporters who were photographed wearing “I Can Breathe” shirts.

The comment in my last post was a DIRECT RESPONSE to the picture above: I didn’t say it was cool that 2 cops were murdered senselessly while sitting in their car. These weren’t the cop(s) that killed ERIC GARNER so it wasn’t necessary they die in that manner the same as it wasn’t AT ALL necessary ERIC GARNER die in the way he did. My comment also suggested that #AllLivesMatter & #ShitNeedsToChangeNow but you simple minded fucks skipped right over the real message to pull whatever negativity you could from my post… As expected. One thing about me is, I’m ME. I’m not running from my views or opinions & I’m standing firm on anything I say.. So while all of you trying to find the HATE in my post, there is NONE. What their is…. is an opinion of a man that believes the deaths of innocent people are never OKAY. Never has been !!! It just so happens, that I’m BLACK. It just so happens I grew up as a minority & have been a victim of racial profiling & police harassment in my youth the same as many so I can relate to the continuous STRUGGLE to change the way the GOVERNMENT deals with it’s own employees when they’re supposed to be highly trained professionals who loosely abuse the right to them wearing the badge given to them. “PROTECT & SERVE” does not mean “CHOKE & KILL” an innocent un-armed man…. Retaliating for Eric Garner’s murder the way the MEDIA portrays it happened wasn’t the answer either but it happened…. SO WHAT NOW… Do police KILL more civilians ??? Or do civilians KILL more police ??? Y’all can’t see what’s happening to our country ? Or all YALL still too focused on an iPhone app to get off of it to take a REAL LOOK AROUND ??? & you ask me, do I like police: NO !!! Do I hate police: NO !!! Have I experienced more police abusing their authority than not: YES !!! So that’s why “I” say FUCK THE POLICE !!! That’s “MY OPINION”…. Does that mean I think it’s dope that 2 innocent cops were murdered: NOPE. But does it change my view on crooked police: NOPE !!! So… You can hate me, not like me, say FUCK GAME or UNFOLLOW or never support my MUSIC again because I have an opinion… SO WHAT, I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK !!! [To Be Continued..]

Check out the vitriol Chuck Taylor’s opinions brought upon himself in the pages below. Let us know how you feel about the situation in the comment section as well.

Photos: Instagram/The Game

The post The Game Catches Backlash For NYPD Tweet [Photos] appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Adele Hints At Impending '25' Album Release In Her Latest Tweet

Sunday, May 4, was Adele’s birthday, and the singer saw fit to give her fans a present: a possible tease of her next album.

If Adele’s new album follows the track set forth by her previous two, it will likely be titled “25.’ While there is no telling when exactly the album will premiere, let’s hope it’s before the end of 2014.

Entertainment – The Huffington Post
Thanks to John Oliver’s intricate “Last Week Tonight” set, HBO is getting some free cross-promotion for its other show, “Game Of Thrones.”

Before taping the second-ever episode of his new late night talk show on Sunday night in New York City, Oliver took questions from audience members, one of whom asked him about his favorite part of the set.

Oliver quickly walked over to his set’s background, which at first glance looks like the Manhattan skyline, but upon closer inspection you see that it contains iconic buildings and structures from all over the world, like Seattle’s Space Needle, the Egyptian pyramids and Notre Dame in Paris.

But Oliver’s favorite addition? That would have to be the castle Dragonstone from HBO’s “Game Of Thrones.” It’s the one that’s tucked in next to the Empire State building, right over Oliver’s right shoulder:

john oliver game of thrones

You know, this one:


For a better look, watch the clip from Sunday night’s episode skewering the White House Correspondents Dinner below.

“Last Week Tonight” airs Sundays at 11:00 p.m. EST on HBO.

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