Alien Resurrection – Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Jean-Pierre Jeunet - Alien Resurrection  artwork

Alien Resurrection

Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 7.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: November 26, 1997

200 years after her last adventure, a group of scientists has cloned Lt. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), along with the alien queen inside her, hoping to breed the ultimate weapon. But the resurrected Ripley is full of surprises for her resurrectors–as are the aliens they've attempted to imprison. To combat the creatures, Ripley must team up with a band of smugglers, including an advanced female android named Call (Winona Ryder), to combat the rampaging aliens in a lab ship hurtling toward Earth.

© © 1997 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

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