Eternal Fire Vol. 1.1 – Mathew Cholodnuik

Mathew Cholodnuik - Eternal Fire Vol. 1.1  artwork

Eternal Fire Vol. 1.1

Prelude Dawn

Mathew Cholodnuik

Genre: Manga

Publish Date: January 11, 2013

Publisher: Mathew Cholodnuik


Eternal Fire:  In the farthest corner of the west,  Perched upon a mountaintop high above the island she calls home,  a young girl eagerly awaits her grandfather's always punctual return. As day turns to night and night to day,  An ominous breeze sets in from the east casting a long shadow of fear in the young girl's heart. Fearful and concerned for her grandfather's well being,  She will set forth on a journey that will forever change the fate of her world.

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