The Goblin Necromancer – Aubrey Law

Aubrey Law - The Goblin Necromancer  artwork

The Goblin Necromancer

Aubrey Law

Genre: Fantasy

Publish Date: April 4, 2019

Publisher: Aubrey Law

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

Can a goblin learn magic? Gmok Witchmauler wants to be a mage. But goblins are too stupid to be sorcerers. Or are they? "For f*ck's sake," groaned the old goblin. "Am I really going to die like this?" Gmok was hopelessly trapped inside the smothering darkness of his own Goblin Silver safe. The airtight lock-box was a miniature tomb made of the nearly indestructible and rare magical metal. Black Annis, that beautiful little treacherous witch, had spellbound Gmok and commanded him to climb inside the safe. She'd also robbed him of his entire retirement savings then she'd left him alone to suffocate and rot. A fortune in exotic and enchanted jewelry had been so easily taken from the goblin and he'd never even put up a fight. How could he? His weak and foolish mind had been manipulated by her powerful sorcery. If only he were a mage himself then maybe he could've resisted the witch's spell.

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