Legacy of Hunger – Christy Nicholas

Christy Nicholas - Legacy of Hunger  artwork

Legacy of Hunger

Christy Nicholas

Genre: Historical

Publish Date: October 21, 2015

Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing

Seller: Smashwords, Inc.

Ireland is no promised land in 1846. It is wracked by a crippling potato blight, and people are dying. But Valentia McDowell doesn’t know that. From her father’s prosperous farm in Ohio, young Valentia is haunted by tales of an abandoned family and a lost heirloom. She travels to her grandmother’s homeland with her brother, Conor, and two servants, to find both. Her delight in the exciting journey on one of the first steam ships to cross the Atlantic is shattered by a horrible tragedy. What she encounters upon her arrival in Ireland is both more and less than she had hoped. Valentia finds both enemies and allies, amid horrors and delights, and a small bit of magic. She finds a richer heritage than she had ever imagined, but it comes with a price. When she finally reaches her goal, a terrible price is demanded. She must pay or forfeit, and both decisions have strong consequences for her and her friends.

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The Mummy’s Hand – Christy Cabanne

Christy Cabanne - The Mummy's Hand  artwork

The Mummy’s Hand

Christy Cabanne

Genre: Thriller

Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: September 20, 1940

In this acclaimed follow-up to the popular original, an expedition of American archaeologists, headed by Steve Banning (Dick Foran) and Babe Jenson (Wallace Ford), travels to Egypt in search of the undiscovered tomb of the Princess Ananka. There they soon discover the clues that lead them to a 3000-year-old mummy, who is guarded by a sinister high priest (Eduardo Ciannelli). Reluctantly funded by a magician (Cecil Kellaway) and his beautiful daughter (Peggy Moran), the expedition has its hands full battling the mummy, who goes on a killing rampage during each full moon, in this frightening chiller masterpiece.

© © 1940 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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Hazardous Duty – Christy Barritt

Christy Barritt - Hazardous Duty  artwork

Hazardous Duty

Christy Barritt

Genre: Religious

Publish Date: December 8, 2014

Publisher: Christy Barritt

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

Buying a gun to kill your wife: $ 3,000 Hiring Trauma Care to clean afterward: $ 1,500 Having that same cleaner uncover evidence that frames you: Priceless On her way to completing a degree in forensic science, Gabby St. Claire drops out of school and starts her own crime scene cleaning business. “Yeah, that’s me,” she says, “a crime scene cleaner. People waiting in line behind me who strike up conversations always regret it.” When a routine cleaning job uncovers a murder weapon the police overlooked, she realizes that the wrong person is in jail. But the owner of the weapon is a powerful foe . . . and willing to do anything to keep Gabby quiet. With the help of her new neighbor, Riley Thomas, a man whose life and faith fascinate her, Gabby plays the detective to make sure the right person is put behind bars. Can Riley help her before another murder occurs? “Christy Barritt’s novel, Hazardous Duty, is a delightful read from beginning to end. The story’s fresh, engaging heroine with an unusual occupation hooked me, and I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend Hazardous Duty.” —Bestselling author Colleen Coble

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War Machine Apologizes To Christy Mack, ‘I Hate The Man I Used To Be’

[[tmz:video id=”0_qdrjtv9o”]] Ex-MMA star War Machine insists he’s no longer the woman-beating maniac he used to be — he’s found Jesus and changed his life … and he’s begging his ex-GF for forgiveness.  War Machine’s story made national…


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Christy Turlington Burns Returns As Face Of Calvin Klein, Explains How Awkward Modeling Is

The words “Christy Turlington” and “Calvin Klein” have gone together beautifully since her first Eternity shoot back in 1995. But if you thought the news that they were redistributing the original ad was exciting, we’ve got something even better for you. Not only has she returned as the face of the iconic fragrance, but this time, she brought her handsome husband along, too.

christy and ed

If at all possible, the photos released Friday are even better than the ones from back in the day. Perhaps that’s because, as the supermodel told Women’s Wear Daily, she didn’t have to fake it when it came to being intimate with her co-star:

Usually you pretend to be intimate on these types of campaigns, and when they go to change a lens or the roll of film is complete, you’re like, “So, how about those Mets?” It’s just awkward.

Well, if she ever did feel awkward in past campaigns, we certainly couldn’t tell. However, there is something really beautiful about seeing a couple pose together, especially for a brand that Turlington Burns has been connected to for so long. What do you think of the new ad?

christy and ed 2

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