True Religion CEO Search Continues as Chelsea Grayson Exits Interim Post

LOS ANGELES — True Religion’s search for a chief executive officer continues as the company’s interim ceo Chelsea Grayson has exited the firm, the company said on Wednesday.
Grayson is succeeded by interim ceo Farla Efros. True Religion said Grayson is “resigning to pursue other opportunities” and declined through a spokesperson to provide additional details.
Efros is president of retail consultancy HRC Retail Advisory, a position she will continue to hold while at True Religion. True Religion chairman Eugene Davis said in a statement her operational and financial expertise would be “valuable assets” to the company.
Grayson joined True Religion in late 2018 when John Ermatinger announced his retirement. She had previously served on the True Religion board, and before that served as ceo of American Apparel, leading the company after a tumultuous stretch that included the ouster of its founder, two bankruptcies, layoffs and subsequent sale to Gildan.
Under Grayson, True Religion has revived a focus on streetwear, with the strategy most recently calling for the hire in May of online magazine UpscaleHype cofounder Allen Onyia as artistic director. Onyia’s impact on the brand is expected to begin filtering through with the fall and holiday collections.
Part of the strategy also calls for more

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Interim – P.K. Lentz

P.K. Lentz - Interim  artwork


P.K. Lentz

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Publish Date: June 17, 2017

Publisher: IronAge

Seller: Macmillan / Holtzbrinck Publishers, LLC

WINNER, Cinescape Genre Literary Competition The Interim, enforcing a monopoly on faster-than-light travel, stands between the human race and extinction, or so its Founders claim. The crew of the sub-light freighter Lady of Chaos wants nothing to do with it. But when two fugitives, one a scientist, the other a rogue agent of the Social Engineering Service, the Interim’s death squad, come aboard, Lady becomes the most wanted ship in the galaxy. And that’s even before the Interim learns the true identity of her captain. The hunt is on, and its outcome will leave the universe forever changed. Interim is non-wartime, character driven space opera with plenty of action in the vein of Peter F. Hamilton, Charles Sheffield, Frederick Pohl, David Brin, and others.

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