Gang Leader Tied to Tupac Murder Case Gets 10 Years in Prison in Drug Case

The reputed gang leader connected to Tupac’s murder case is finally gonna do hard time — but for a completely separate case … TMZ has learned. Darnell Brim is getting 10 years in federal prison after ATF agents caught him trying to sell…


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Episode 61: Black Lives Matter GNY Leader Hawk Newsome


  • Improving race relations
  • Black community perceptions and experiences
  • Interactions with law enforcement
  • Legislative changes for law enforcement
  • Prison reforms
  • Study: prison violence reduced 46% by changes in prison food
  • Salt-Sugar-Fat, the “golden combination” that produces food addiction
  • Reparations

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Black Lives Matter Leader DeRay McKesson Sues Jeanine Pirro, FOX News (UPDATE)

6:15 PM PT — A FOX News spokesperson tells TMZ … “We informed Mr. McKesson’s counsel that our commentary was fully protected under the First Amendment and the privilege for reports of judicial proceedings. We will defend this case…


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Black Lives Matter Leader DeRay McKesson Off the Hook in Cop’s Lawsuit Over Brain Injury

Black Lives Matter and one of its leaders, DeRay McKesson, won’t be held responsible for an officer’s injuries during a protest last year, because a judge tossed the cop’s lawsuit … TMZ has learned. According to new docs … the case is dismissed…


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Fearless Leader (Juxtapose City) – Tricia Owens

Tricia Owens - Fearless Leader (Juxtapose City)  artwork

Fearless Leader (Juxtapose City)

Tricia Owens

Genre: Gay

Publish Date: January 26, 2012

Publisher: Tricia Owens

Seller: Smashwords

JC2 was created by the police to combat violence and drug crimes in the city. Lieutenant Black, an intense man whose past is a mystery but whose hatred of the drug Bliss is not, is the leader of the team. When the empath Calyx Starr is pulled from the streets and forced onto his team, Black must deal not only with Starr's seductions but a dangerous telepath who has targeted the empath and JC2.

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Jon Batiste Tapped As The New Band Leader For “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”

(AllHipHop News) Now that David Letterman has stepped down as the host of The Late Show, former Comedy Central standout Stephen Colbert is set to take over the desk at the CBS late night program. Colbert will be joined by Stay Human frontman Jon Batiste. The Juilliard School trained musician will serve as The Late Show’s new bandleader.

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“I’m thrilled! This is a match made in heaven. Get ready for a love riot in late night,” states Batiste.

Colbert adds, “His music makes the audience feel so good, we may have to install a ‘Do Not Make Love’ sign.”

Batiste is originally from New Orleans. During his career, he has released several albums including the #1 Jazz LP Social Music.

Elements of Hip Hop, R&B, Blues, and Folk have been included in Batiste’s live performances. The multi-instrumentalist also appeared in the HBO drama Treme and Spike Lee’s Red Hook Summer.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premieres Tuesday, September 8 at 11:35 PM, ET/PT on CBS.

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Watch Jon Batiste and Stay Human’s video for “Let God Lead” below.

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David Miscavige — P.I. Says Scientology Leader Block Medical Help … If Dad Dies, He Dies

Chilling audio … the father of Scientology leader David Miscavige appeared to be having a heart attack, and his son ordered his people to stand clear and just let him die … so claims the P.I. who was tailing David’s dad.…


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Ex-KKK Leader Living Around Black People In Belize, Still Supports Segregation

Bill Wilkinson, the former Imperial Wizard of a Klu Klux Klan chapter who went missing in 1984, has been found. Wilkinson was hiding away on the island of Belize living among Blacks, Mayans, and more on the multi-cultural island nation.

The Daily Mail scooped out this conflicted racist, who does not want to be called a racist. “I don’t hate Black people,” Wilkinson said, just before explaining why he supports segregation.

And why would a former KKK leader believe that races should be separated, all the while being accepted on an island inhabited by various races? Because he’s a “Bible-crashing segregationist.”

“That’s how is should be,” Wilkinson explained. “God has commanded me not to mix with other races.”

Despite this strange photo of what looks like a Black woman holding him like a 3-year-old child, don’t expect to see Black people too close to his family. “I wouldn’t let one marry my children or my grandchildren.”

Today, Wilkinson has been accepted by the Central American people who (ever so ironically) don’t judge him based on his past, or his skin color. Another interesting point to note is Wilkinson is a multi-millionaire hotel owner in a mostly Black neighborhood. “Life is real good,” he told The Mail. “I love this island, it’s full of very friendly people. I enjoy scuba diving, that’s what I came here for, snorkeling, fishing.”

Before he fell in love with snorkeling and fishing, he was born Elbert Claude Wilkinson in Louisiana. He later changed his name to Bill and named himself leader of a KKK chapter which he ran from the mid-70s until the mid-80s. As explained in a 1981 article titled, “Bill Wilkinson Is A Busy Cross-Burner,” David Duke’s former rival has never been shy to speak about separation, and graciously advised that Black people go back to the Motherland.

“They’ve got their place and we’ve got ours,” he said. “There’s plenty of wide open space in Africa.”

Photo: Screenshot

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Hear What A Leader Of The White Knights Of The KKK Says About His Biracial Grandson (VIDEO)

“My dad has called my son a critter, a monster, a creature. He told me I was growing an ape inside of my body,” says 20-year-old Peyton, who has a biracial child. “My dad refuses to accept my son because he is half black.”

Peyton says her father, David, is an Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the KKK and an unabashed racist, who had a picture of Hitler hanging on their fireplace when she was growing up. The one-time Daddy’s girl says she feels let down by her father and desperately wants him to accept her child. “The worst thing he did to me was turn his back on me and my child. I felt abandoned. I felt so alone,” she says, wiping away tears.

David defends his beliefs. “I taught my daughter hate and racial pride. I told her she was never, ever to become involved with a black man,” he says proudly. “The little critter that Peyton has, [that] she wants to call my grandchild, has a 90% potential of being a future rapist, a thief and just another lazy drudge on society.”

David, who says he can’t go against his moral and religious beliefs and accept Peyton’s child, faces some tough questions from Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s show.

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New York Is a Leader in the Fight Against Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Sex assault and rape are huge problems on our campuses in New York and across the country. Indeed, evidence suggests that the information gap in this area adds to the problem and proves to be highly misleading for students and families.

Although all colleges and universities that receive federal funding are already required to publish data on campus crimes pursuant to the federal Clery Act, spotty compliance leads to a distorted snapshot of crime and safety on campuses and results in a limited ability to compare such data across schools.

The truth is, states don’t have to wait for the federal government to act — they have the ability to take this on themselves and, given the enormity of the problem, we cannot wait any longer.

That’s why Governor Andrew Cuomo is tackling this issue head on — he is calling for policy changes in all colleges across the State, making New York a leader in combatting sexual assault and rape on college campuses.

In his Executive Budget, Governor Cuomo presented a comprehensive plan to protect the safety and rights of all students attending college in New York. The proposal codifies a sexual assault prevention and response policy previously adopted by the State University of New York, applying it to all colleges and universities — public and private — in New York State.

He also launched the “Enough is Enough” campaign to highlight the importance of this policy to help ensure all New York’s college and university students are protected from sexual violence while at school.

The policy includes four critical components, which give more power and protections to the victims:

  • A statewide definition of affirmative consent;
  • A statewide amnesty policy to ensure students who are victims of sexual violence can report them with immunity for certain campus policy violations;
  • A Sexual Violence Victim/Survivor Bill of Rights to be distributed to every student, and confidential reporting protocols to ensure colleges use best practices when handling a case of on-campus sexual violence that provides both care and respect to the victim;
  • Comprehensive training requirements for administrators, staff, and students, including at new student orientations.

These measures will ensure that all of New York’s college and university students have a very clear understanding of consent, their rights as victims, and the safeguards in place to keep them protected.

By enabling students to complete assessments of their campus life and environment, we are giving them the power to provide more accurate information about what is actually taking place on our campuses during the day and at night. It also will provide better data to make more robust comparisons of all colleges and universities in the State – an extremely helpful tool for current and prospective students and their families.

We all know that drafting and passing a piece of legislation is the first step, but it’s the implementation of the law that is key. With the passage of this proposal, each college and university in New York State will be required to comply with its provisions and submit the anonymous campus surveys as proof of campus happenings, or risk losing State funding. They will also be required to make the policy clear to all students, faculty, administration and the general public.

Sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking affect thousands of college students in New York State and across the nation. In addition to the trauma caused by such violence, many victims drop out of school, experience difficulty working, and see promising opportunities cut short in the aftermath of their incidents.

We must do more to protect our students from on-campus sexual assaults, and providing students with increased protections as well as ensuring more accurate reporting are vital to achieving that goal. Governor Cuomo’s legislation ensures that students and their families have access to important information and helps foster an environment of respect, safety and awareness on our campuses.

Not only will these policies make New York a leader in fighting sex assault, but they will also provide a legislative template for every state in the nation to follow – with this, we can stand up and say that all campuses must and will become places free of sexual violence.
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