TurboGrafx-16 Mini Launching In March, Will Come With Close To 50 Games

TurboGrafx-16 Mini To Launch On Amazon Exclusively, March 2020

Source: Konami / TurboGrafx-16

When Konami first announced it was jumping in the retro console market with the TubroGrafx-16 Mini for US customers and PC Engine in Japan, not many details were shared. Today (July 12) the company revealed when gamers can get their hands on one plus unveiled its extensive lineup of games.

The TurboGrafx-16 Mini will launch March 19, 2020, exclusively through Amazon with pre-orders starting July 15 which marks the first day of the online retailers uber-popular “Prime Day” promotion. The miniature retro console will cost $ 99.99 and will feature fan-favorites like Ninja Raiden, Space Harrier, Bonk’s Adventure, Air Zonk, Gradius, R-Type, Dracula X plus plenty of Japanese titles pushing the total to nearly 50 games.

Additional accessories that will launch alongside the console will include a Turbo Controller for TurboGrafx-16 mini / PC Engine Core Grafx mini, Multi-Tap and AC Adapter. Looks like the TurboGrafx-16 Mini will be making a very strong for retro console dominance when it drops. You can check out the entire lineup as well as the announcement trailer below.

  • J.J. & JEFF
  • R-TYPE
  • YS BOOK I & II

Additionally, 26 PC Engine titles in their original Japanese language will be playable on the Turbografx-16mini in their original format:

  • AKUMAJŌ DRACULA X CHI NO RONDO (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)
  • DAIMAKAIMURA (Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts)
  • GRADIUS (Nemesis)
  • NECTARIS (Military Madness)
  • NINJA RYUKENDEN (Ninja Gaiden)
  • PC-GENJIN (Bonk)
  • STAR PARODIER (Fantasy Star Soldier)
  • THE KUNG FU (China Warrior)
  • YS BOOK I & II

Photo: Konami / TurboGrafx-16

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Chrissy Teigen Presents 2 Tux Options to Turn Son Miles Into Mini John Legend

Chrissy Teigen’s throwing a birthday bash for her hubby John Legend tonight, and she’s asking for help from her fans on what to wear … for her son. Chrissy shared a couple beyond adorable shots of the couple’s 7-month-old son Miles in a black tuxedo…


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Gorgeous Melanie in this video wearing a mini dress panties and stockings

melanie video

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Hello everyone,

I hope you will all come and see my latest video on www.onlymelanie.com.

In this video I am wearing a pink patterned summer mini dress, pink panties and dark stockings. I love the look of dark stockings with a pink mini dress and panties,  I hope you do too.


Melanie XxX

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Melanie in a sexy college uniform with a tight pink top mini skirt and stockings

Melanie Walsh has got her tight top on today that shows of her breasts to perfection.  Melanie sometimes hates college but it always cheers her up wearing her college uniform! The feeling of smooth cotton panties against Melanie makes her feel so horny and wet.

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Hello Everyone Melanie Here,

In today’s set on www.onlymelanie.com I am wearing an amazing sexy college uniform with a tight pink crop top, mini skirt and stockings.

Do you like the three free preview pics above?

I love that tight pink crop top, I think it shows my breasts to perfection, I hope you agree.

And is there anything better then me in a miniskirt with stockings and high heels 😉

To see this “Melanie in mini skirt college uniform with black stockings” set please click here

Luv Melanie Walsh XX

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Melanie wearing a tight white tight top with mini skirt and pantyhose

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Hi Guys Melanie here,

I hope you all had a great week. In todays set on onlymelanie.com I am wearing this sexy miniskirt with tan colour pantyhose and a tight white top.

I dont think there is anything sexier than pantyhose under a miniskirt

Luv Melanie XxX

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Melanie looking simply stunning in a black mini nightdress and stockings

See more of Melanie Walsh click here

Hello guys,


Melanie here, today I am wear a sexy little black number!! This black mini nightdress look so so sexy with a black thong and dark stockings. I hope you like!!!

I think I should wear black minidress like this one more oftan, what do you think!!


Big Kiss Mels xxx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Syren Sexton In Her Slutty Mini Skirt!

Syren Sexton is a fan favorite at Only Tease but it’s not hard to see why from this latest set of pictures that she dropped by! Syren is a drop dead gorgeous blonde and she can pull off just about any outfit she has in her closet but this tight top and tiny denim mini skirt are just mouth watering! Syren isn’t the only babe at Only Tease though, if you take a look around you will find hundreds of naughty teens who just can’t wait to show off for the camera and they know just how to tease you in all the right ways!

Take a look at this set of pictures of Syren Sexton as she starts off teasing in that short denim skirt and her tight top and those sheer black stockings look just amazing. Soon enough Syren has slipped her denim skirt down to the floor and she is flashing a peek at those lavender panties. Those cute panties match that sexy lacy bra she has underneath that top too and as she tugs on her top she lets her sweet tits pop right out of her top with a smile. Syren can’t wait long without slipping those sweet titties out of her bra as well though and things only get better from there!

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Only Tease

Jessica Spencer In Her Corset And Mini Skirt

Jessica Spencer is a kinky brunette babe who certainly knows the meaning of the word tease! Just watch as she shows off in this delicious corset and her cute mini skirt – who wouldn’t want to buy concessions from this sexy babe? If concessions girls aren’t your thing don’t worry because over at Only Tease you can find babes in any number of outfits from naughty lingerie to Halloween costumes to…well barely anything at all! If you think your heart can take it then come by Only Tease today and check out all of the kinky teen babes who just can’t wait to take it all off for you!

Take a look at these pictures of Jessica Spencer as she starts off in her sheer black lace topped stockings and that tiny mini skirt! As she leans over the counter top that skirt lifts up and she flashes her delicious round ass with a smile because she knows just what she’s doing to you as she teases! She can’t tease for long though because she starts to get really turned on as she slips out of that corset and flashes a look at her perky titties!

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Only Tease

Cate Harrington In Her Delicious Mini Dress

Cate Harrington is a delicious brunette who showed up at Only Tease today with this amazing set of pictures of her in her sweet silk mini dress! It doesn’t get much better than this but if you want to try then get over to Only Tease now and take a look around. As the web’s biggest website dedicated to sexy teen teases you will find anything and everything in the realm of tease! From sexy blonde babes to naughty brunettes and slutty redheads you can find everything imaginable at your fingertips!

Take a look at these pictures of Cate Harrington as she starts off showing off in her sexy mini dress that brushes her delicious thighs. Those nude stockings cling desperately to her thighs and it doesn’t take long before she starts to slip out of her dress and show off her sweet bra and pantie set. Those blue dotted bra and panties are just mouth watering and they look amazing paired with those nude stockings! Soon Cate is flashing a peek at her perky tits!

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Only Tease

Mel wearing a pink jumper and a very short mini skirt with stockings.

Mel really likes this pink jumper Stockings are what Melanie Walsh wears when she really wants to turn herself on. When Mel wears her stockings with a short skirt it turns her on so much

See more of Mel click here

Hi guys,

Melanie here, as you can see I have managed to smuggle my favorite colour onto yet another shoot yeppi 🙂

Also that short skirt is so naughty , its so short it shows the top of my stockings, what do you guys think is it too naughty???

Luv Mel xx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Melanie wearing a short white mini skirt and small ankle socks.

Frilly French knickers have to be Melanies favourite things to wear!  Come see more of Mel at www.onlymelanie.com Mel loves the feeling of French knickers against her, it gets Mel so horny and turned on.

See more of Melanie click here

Hi guys,

These photos were great fun to do, I love that large beanbag so comfy and I really liked the short white mini skirt, Frilly French knickers & ankle socks hope you like them as much as I do. Sorry but this is just a quick hello because I’m going into London for a casting today for a TV job. Hope how i get it!!

Wish me Luck!!!

See you all laters

Luv Melanie xx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Debra K in her Sexy Mini Skirt

Debra K is a cute red haired teen who looks absolutely stunning in just about anything that she wears and when she dropped off her newest set of pictures over at Only Tease today they were no exception to the rule! Debra isn’t the only sexy teen showing up at Only Tease today though, head on over and take a look around for yourself and you are sure to find so many naughty teens that you won’t know what to do with yourself! These girls are pros at teasing and when they get started you just won’t want them to stop because they know just how to take you to the edge and tease you just enough to where you can’t stop thinking about them!

Take a look at these pictures of Debra K as she starts off showing off in her hot short denim mini skirt, her tight blue tank top and her cute white socks. Those socks really make the outfit but then again so do the delicious white lace panties that she can’t help but flash from underneath her short skirt! Just watch as Debra slips that skirt down to the floor and flashes her perfect juicy ass in her white lacy panties!

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Only Tease

Melanie relaxing on a sofa in a black mini skirt & tight yellow top

Find Mel at www.onlymelanie.com Melanie loves wearing socks with everything. Melanie loves her mini skirt.

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, long white socks and green panties

Hi guys

I went into London yesterday for a casting for a modelling trip that’s going away in April to Lanzarote. I hope I get it! I’ve got a good chance. Hopefully I will find out soon! It’s not great money but at least it’s away for a week in the sun 🙂 (cross your fingers for me!)

Hope you like today’s pics! lots of differnet colours with the yellow tight top, black miniskirt, extra long white socks and green panties  I really like the long white socks, let me know what you think.

Luv Melanie

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Melanie looking gorgeous posing in her sexy mini skirt.

Melanie has said that she really likes doing outdoor pics Even though Mel looks cold she is HOT for you guys Melanie loves wearing her woolly hat and gloves

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As you can see I was very very cold in these photos, I had to wear my sexy gloves and hat. The wind coming off the water was freezing. Hopefully you will like these pics! Then a least it will have been worth getting cold! (A models life is so hard! hehehe)

Please let me know what you think of my sexy mini skirt and gloves and a woolly hat 😉

Melanie xx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Jo S In Her Short Mini Skirt

Jo S just released her newest set of pictures over at Only Tease and let me tell you these are some smoking hot pics! Jo always seems to know just how to get the guys going although it really doesn’t take much knowing of anything when you have a body as delicious and perfect as Jo’s!  From her perfect juicy ass to her delicious long legs Jo knows just how to tease to get you all worked up but then again so do all of her naughty teen friends over at Only Tease as well! It’s as though these girls have a conspiracy to get you as worked up as possible! They drive you absolutely nuts but don’t worry because these girls won’t leave you hanging!

Take a look at these pictures of Jo S as she starts off showing off in her short plaid mini skirt and her tight white tank top! It’s not long before Jo has lifted up her skirt and is flashing her cute mesh panties underneath and those panties are so cute, they barely cover her plump ass and her sheer tan stockings are enough to drive even Jo insane as she shows off for the camera!

Take a look at more of Jo now at Only Tease

Only Tease

Melanie wearing a sexy white mini skirt, socks and white cotton panties.

Socks are ultimate turn on of Mel's they are the best ever. Mel cant help but touch herself when her cotton panties are on, they just turn her on so much Come see more of Melanie at www.onlymelanie.com

See more of Melanie click here

Hi guys Melanie here,

I had a great day yesterday, just spent the whole day pampering myself! It was so relaxing.

I love those long over the knee socks and cotton panties I wore in today’s shoot, they felt so good on! Mmmm… I wish I was wearing the socks now. Do you guys like my tight top and white mini skirt? I hope you do. I think the white 60s mini skirt looks great with the sexy white cotton panties what do you think?
Lots of luv Melanie xx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Melanie dressed in a sexy green mini dress

Melanie cant wait until you come and visit her at www.onlymelanie.com Definitely a sexy mini dress is the way to go if Melanie wants to make herself really horny. Frilly French knickers have to be Melanies favourite things to wear!

See more of Melanie click here


I’ve been very good in the last few days as I have been to the gym, (I hope it will show!) and I’ve also been eating a lot more healthy, well I have to be able to fit into these dresses

I hope you like these pics! It was good to be inside after the last set, I like being outside but it was very cold!!! What do you think of that green mini dress and the French knickers? I really like the Knickers but I am not sure about the mini dress

bye for now from a nice warm Melanie xx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Mel in a cute pink mini

Only MelanieOnly Melanie

Hey guys! I’m back with some naughty pictures that will hopefully start your week off right. I know everyone hates Monday’s, but today’s update is almost guaranteed to make today a little less cloudy.

Check out these pictures of me in a pink mini dress. Underneath it, I’m wearing only a pair of cute cotton panties. You can see all of my pictures at my website, Only Melanie. There you can see all my updates including my exclusive pictures and erotic videos. Guys, you don’t want to miss any of the trouble I get into.

I have a very busy day today, so I have to get back to things – but I’ll chat with you soon.

Luv, Melanie.

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Cute Melanie in her pink top with stockings boots mini skirt and cotton panties

See more of Melanie Walsh click here

Hello guys, Melanie here.


I am wearing my fab cowgirl pink boots :), I hope you like them! I think they go great with the pink tight top and pink cotten panties and dark stockings that I am wearing.

I hope you all had a great weekend

luv Melanie xXx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Melanie wearing a low cut top with a black mini skirt and pantyhose

As Mel slides her pantyhose over her smooth silky legs Mel realises just how much pantyhose really do it for her.  The nylon in the pantyhose just make Mel feel so horny and sexy Mel crosses her legs with her mini skirt on so you can see all the way up to the top of Melanies thigh.Melanie knows that she is secretly flashing and it really turns Mel on. Melanie is so turned on by her secretary outfit that she wants to play with herself right now.

See more of Melanie click here

Hi guys,

I hope you like todays pics, I really love the pantyhose and very short mini skirt.

I really got to start to wear pantyhose more often, they are so comfy they make me so horny.

I think these clothes would be a great secretary outfit what do you guys think?

I also most forgot to mention the pink little cotton panties, what do you think of them?

Luv Melanie xxx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Out of Office with Brent Rose – Mini GoPro! Hero4 Session: Full Review, Tests, Comparison Footage

If you hate GoPro’s rectangular shape, your prayers have been answered! Sort of. We took the new Hero4 Session into rivers, lakes, and surf, off cliffs and platforms, through trees and go kart courses. Our full review will tell you everything you need to know.
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Supergirl Mini Comic – Carrie Q. Contrary

Carrie Q. Contrary - Supergirl Mini Comic  artwork

Supergirl Mini Comic

Carrie Q. Contrary

Genre: Graphic Novels

Publish Date: April 25, 2013

Publisher: Carrie Q. Contrary

Seller: Smashwords

A fanfic original work of DC's Supergirl in the style of Archie comics! Full color comic with a keen, retro style! *the Super Girl character is copyright DC comics, and is used in this original fanfic work for free distribution.

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Melanie Walsh posing in a mini skirt and sexy white thong

Melanie loves her mini skirt. Melanie realises just how sexy thongs make her feel she has so many different thongs. Melanie Walsh has got her tight top on today that shows of her breasts to perfection.

See more of Melanie Walsh click here

Hi Guys Melanie here,

Today I am showing off my lovely legs in a striped mini skirt and sexy white thong. I really like the mini skirt I think the colours are great, what do you think?

That green tight top I am wearing isn’t that nice, I don’t think I would wear that out but the mini skirt I would, I think I will wear it this Friday.

I hope everyone had a good Halloween, I ate too many sweets reminded me when I was younger.

Big kiss Melanie Walsh xxx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

In todays video Melanie is wearing a black mini skirt and stockings

Melanie love making her videos

To see more videos of Melanie Walsh click here

Hi guys Melanie Walsh here,

In today’s video I slowly slip out of my purple shirt, black mini skirt and stockings. I did think the black mini skirt was a little short but that’s not a bad thing is it?

This is the kind of thing I would wear if I was a secretary, don’t you think the short skirt and stockings would go down well in an office.

To watch this video please come and see me at www.onlymelanie.com, I am waiting for you.

Big kiss

Melanie xxx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog