Episode 591 Scott Adams: Antifa’s Diversity Problem, Equal pay for Soccer Players, Slaughter Meter


  • Why “slippery slopes” don’t really exist
  • AfroFuture Music Festival charged white people more than other races
    • Sounds like a “slippery slope”…what happened?
  • Women are aggressively, effectively negotiating for greater pay
    • Good persuasion technique, worthy of President Trump
  • Antifa when the masks come off…mugshots show LACK of diversity
  • President Trump gets MORE POPULAR every time antifa rises up
  • Joe Biden is sucking all the energy out of the Democrat party
  • Drone defense system, large drone swarms are coming SOON
    • Small drones versus laser defense systems
  • GOP gets more small dollar donations than the DNC, a key indicator
  • 5 serious indicators that President Trump will win 2020
    • Slaughtermeter now at 200% favoring President Trump…
      • …assuming nothing changes (which it always does)
  • US high drug costs SUBSIDIZE drugs for rest of world
    • “Most Favored Nation” clause allows others lower cost
    • Why can’t WE be a favored nation?
  • Yesterday’s Periscope…provocative ending sentence
    • Understanding subjective reality is the key

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Ole Miss Basketball Players Kneel During National Anthem To Protest Local Pro-Confederate Rallies

Mississippi v Georgia

Source: Logan Riely / Getty

The Ole Miss basketball team is woke (well, some of them). Players on the squad knelt during the national anthem in protest of pro-Confederate rallies happening near their university’s campus.

Deadspin reports that K.J. Buffen, Terence Davis, Luis Rodriguez, Bruce Stevens, Devontae Shuler and Breein Tyree took a knee before the team’s home game against Georgia on Saturday (Feb. 24). A total of eight players kneeled per reports.

Reports ESPN:

Minutes before the game, both teams formed lines for the anthem. As “The Star-Spangled Banner” began, six Rebels players — who appeared to be KJ Buffen, D.C. Davis, Brian Halums, Luis Rodriguez, Devontae Shuler and Bruce Stevens — knelt one by one. Two more players — appearing to be Breein Tyree and Franco Miller Jr. — took a knee on the song’s final line.

The game was being played while two pro-Confederacy groups organized a march onto the campus in Oxford, Mississippi.

“The majority of it was we saw one of our teammates doing it and we just didn’t want him to be alone,” Ole Miss scoring leader Tyree said after his team’s 72-71 victory. “We’re just tired of these hate groups coming to our school and portraying our campus like it’s our actual university having these hate groups in our school.”

So no, they weren’t disrespecting the flag or servicemen. Star player Tyree later tweeted: “To the people that fight for this country, my teammates and I meant no disrespect to everything that you do for us, but we had to take a stand to the negative things that went on today on our campus. #WeNeedChange”

The team’s coach, Kermit Davis, was unaware the protest was going to happen, but he supported his players, as he should.


Photo: Getty

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NFL Officials Warn Rams Players to Secure Homes While Away at Super Bowl

Before Rams players headed for Atlanta to prepare for their Super Bowl 53 matchup against the Patriots, they got some advice from the NFL — protect your homes in L.A. Our NFL sources tell us … officials spoke with several players and coaches on the…


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Guns of Powder River: A Radio Dramatization – Jerry Robbins & The Colonial Radio Players

Jerry Robbins & The Colonial Radio Players - Guns of Powder River: A Radio Dramatization  artwork

Guns of Powder River: A Radio Dramatization

Jerry Robbins & The Colonial Radio Players

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Pandering Pigskin: Pacman Jones Says He’s Against NFL Players Protesting National Anthem

NFL: DEC 04 Steelers at Bengals

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

Adam “Pacman” Jones might have earned some hood cred after delivering an exquisite and well-deserved fade inside ATL airport, but he’s undoing all that goodwill with a newly surfaced clip. The free agent cornerback told TMZ Sports that he’s no fan of the NFL National Anthem protests and wants them to find another way to get their point across.

From TMZ Sports:

Here’s the deal … we shot this clip on Tuesday at LAX just a few hours before Pacman was attacked at the airport in Atlanta. The fight story kinda knocked this clip off our radar for a while (obviously), but it’s still pretty good.

“I’m all for standing for the anthem,” Pacman told us … “I have a couple of family members that have been over to Iraq.”

Pacman also explained that, to him … social issues “don’t have nothing to do with the national anthem” and players who want to make a change should “figure out another way.”

Sobering, isn’t it? He does have his right to his opinion, however.

Anyway, check out the clip below.

Photo: Getty

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Harvest Moon 64 Player’s Guide – Matthew Gerry

Matthew Gerry - Harvest Moon 64 Player's Guide  artwork

Harvest Moon 64 Player’s Guide

All Harvest Moon 64’s Mysteries Unravelled!

Matthew Gerry

Genre: Games

Publish Date: July 7, 2016

Publisher: Gerry’s Guides, LLC

Seller: Matthew Gerry

A long overdue players guide for the N64 classic Harvest Moon 64. This guide covers everything from how to get the coveted Party Picture to the basics of farming. Any Harvest Moon 64 questions you might have will be answered by this guide. It also includes English translations for the Japanese channel 4 TV shows and library books.

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Kevin Durant Says NCAA Basketball Players Should Be Paid

Golden State Warriors v Milwaukee Bucks

Source: Stacy Revere / Getty

Kevin Durant sits near the top of the NBA food chain as a member of the current world champion Golden State Warriors squad. Amidst a current NCAA scandal involving current young NBA players, Durant says he would have joined the league out of high school and that NCAA players should be paid.

During a practice session with the Warriors, reporters cornered a very candid Durant who pretty much laid it out on the line that the NCAA is a big business and said that players are bringing in big business for the programs without as so much a guarantee of a return.

“You want these players to go out there and play on the biggest stage,” Durant said, as shared by The Athletic Warriors beat writer Anthony Slater. “The Final Four is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, in sports, and they don’t get a dime for it. I don’t think it’s right.”

Durant added, “You should let these kids make a decision however they want to. If they want to come out of high school, it should be on them. You know what I mean? You can’t control everything. So if they feel as though they’re ready, that’s on them. They want to make a decision on their life, that’s on them.”

This comes as NBA rookies Markelle Fultz, Dennis Smith Jr., Kyle Kuzma and Bam Adebayo and others were named in a Yahoo! Sports report alleging agents and others violating NCAA rules on expenses and payments to family members in courting players who were destined for professional stardom.

Photo: Getty

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The World’s Greatest Poker Players Answer 14 Questions – Mike Romiltan

Mike Romiltan - The World's Greatest Poker Players Answer 14 Questions  artwork

The World’s Greatest Poker Players Answer 14 Questions

Mike Romiltan

Genre: Games

Publish Date: February 21, 2017

Publisher: Rodney Ohebsion

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

Einstein and Newton were smart guys. But if you want to study the mind of a true genius, the best place to find one is not a science laboratory. It's a casino. Because that's the workplace of society's finest intellectual specimen: the professional poker player. In The World's Greatest Poker Players Answer 14 Questions, Mike Romiltan picks the brains of some of the game's most brilliant and succesful players, including poker legend Doyle Brunson, 14-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, the ridiculously wealthy Antonio Esfandiari, the ever arrogant Doug Polk, speech-play grandmaster William Kassouf, and many others. The book is essential reading for all poker fans, as well as anyone who has an advanced appreciation of the human mind. 

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Rich Rodriguez Accuser: He Grabbed Penis In Front Of Me, Players Sent Me Penis Pics

Rich Rodriguez’s ex-assistant claimed the University of Arizona football coach terrorized her for years … making several passes at her, forcing her to cover up his extramarital affair — and grabbing his penis in front of her.  It’s all laid out…


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Texans Players Kneel During National Anthem To Protest Racist Team Owner

The “inmates” have spoken. Houston Texan players took a knee during the National Anthem in direct response to comments made by team owner Bob McNair last week. 

On Friday, word got out that McNair likened his players to inmates who didn’t need to be running the prison when he was asked about NFL protests.

Not all, but the majority of the Texans players kneeled during the National Anthem before today’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Salute to the Houston Texans…players. Their owner is a racist bum.



Photo: screen cap

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NFL, NBA & MLB Players Form Like Voltron Against Race Baiting Comrade Trump

Donald Trump has managed to unify an influential group of people, against himself. Pro athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB and more have formed like Voltron against Cheeto’s race-baiting antics. 


It all started when at a rally in Alabama, the alt-POTUS, without mentioning his name, came for Colin Kaepernick. The moron in chief called any NFL protester a son of a b*tch (seriously).

This is where we mention the obvious pattern of Trump coming for Black people (see: The Central Park 5, Barack Obama, etc.). If this is where you saying something like “But Omarosa,” go have a seat.

Needless to say, players and even the NFL itself blasted Trump’s commentary.

Then the next day he was bored and decided to come for NBA players, specifically Steph Curry, for being hesitant to pay a visit to the White House. Trump rescinded the Golden State Warriors’ invite and has since proceeded to get burned by Steph Curry…

…burned by LeBron James

and burned by the team.

Over in the MLB, Bruce Maxwell of the Oakland Athletics became the first player to take a knee in protest during the National Anthem. Take note that he still has his hat over his heart, so he’s protesting anything BUT the flag.

Many were wondering if NFL players would stand up for themselves, or turn tail. While many of have made statements against Cheeto, the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars protested early this morning before their game in London. Even Ray Lewis participated, so you know it’s real.

But before we get all excited, the overqualified Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job.

Peep more NFL players repping on the following pages.

Photo: Getty

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Melanie dressed in a baseball players uniform with long white socks

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Sports News in Brief: Bulls Players Annoyed By Derrick Rose Always Leaving Torn Ligaments All Over Locker Room

CHICAGO—Calling it “disrespectful” and “totally disgusting,” members of the Chicago Bulls expressed their frustration to reporters Wednesday over point guard Derrick Rose’s habit of always leaving his torn ligaments strewn all over their locker room. “Every time I walk in here after practice or a game, I see Derrick’s shredded MCLs and ACLs just lying on the floor, and it’s ridiculous,” said small forward Jimmy Butler, who added that he and his teammates have repeatedly implored Rose to clean up the wet, tattered bands of connective tissue that he regularly leaves sitting in puddles of synovial fluid around nearby lockers. “Not only is it gross, but yesterday Pau [Gasol] threw out one that he almost slipped on in the bathroom. They’re Derrick’s ligaments, so we shouldn’t have to pick up after him like this. We’re sick of it.” Butler added that he …

The Onion

These Destiny players made a Backstreet Boys music video and it’s amazing

These Destiny players made a Backstreet Boys music video and it's amazingGetting six players together to run a raid in Destiny can be a huge headache, but wrangling a half-dozen Guardians with the kind of killer choreography skills needed to pull off the above music video is … well, almost unthinkable. YouTube group Husky Raid shows how it's done, all to the tune of Backstreet Boys' "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," and the result is way better than expected.

Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

2-D Chess Players Take on a 3-D Chess Master (Part of my Trump Persuasion Series)

Republicans have narrowed down their strategy options for destroying Trump. They started by creating a list of all the possible strategies that anyone could imagine. Then they eliminated all of options that were certain to work. In the next phase they eliminated all of the options that might work. What was left is four options that absolutely will not work. And that’s what they are going with. The people who compiled this list of strategies are the folks who want to run the country.

If you have been reading my series on Trump and his linguistic kill shots, you will see no persuasion skill whatsoever in the Republican plans for “reframing” Trump. 

On a related point, you probably saw some news yesterday about Mark Cuban saying he could beat any of the presidential candidates if he were to run for president. That’s how you test the public’s reaction to a Trump/Cuban ticket. Cuban can’t say he would make a great vice president. It is smarter to say he would make a great president. Let the voters decide that Cuban needs 4-8 years of seasoning before he is ready. That way the public can own the “decision” he is putting in their heads.

If the media and the polls react favorably to Cuban’s statements about running for president, it opens the door for him to be on Trump’s ticket later. So this is just a test balloon. And that is the normal way these things are done. The VP (or potential VP in this case) is the trial-balloon person. That is a basic game plan in politics. I’m not sure the public knows that.

And one assumes Cuban and Trump and talking, via Cuban’s confidential app, Dust.

Bill Maher is cranking up the outragism on the left to try and derail Trump. Maher’s association with the Huffington Post eliminates any shred of credibility he once had, but he still gets a lot of attention. Apparently the racism argument against Trump is largely based on one poorly-formed sentence he uttered that one time. Some observers interpreted the sentence to mean Trump was saying Mexicans are (mostly?) rapists. People who are not in cognitive dissonance figured it was just his usual exaggerated style of speaking.

Personally, I would start worrying about Trump’s racism if his tens-of-millions of opponents can find somewhere in his vast history of public comments at least one more vague sentence that sort of somewhat bothers someone when seen out of context. It must be there. Keep looking, Bill! You got the Huffington Post on your side! Together you will rule the irrelevant issues!

Scott Adams Blog

SF 49ers Players — Pose for Cop Cam … In Rape, Sexual Battery Case

TMZ Sports has obtained the mug shots for former San Francisco 49ers teammates Ray McDonald and Ahmad Brooks … taken after they were charged with sexual crimes stemming from a 2014 incident.  McDonald — who has since been cut by the team — was…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Sports News in Brief: Majority Of NFL Players Say They Wouldn’t Let Their Son Play Preseason Football

NEW YORK—As concerns about the health risks involved for youth players continue to rise, a new poll revealed Thursday that a growing majority of NFL players would not allow their sons to play preseason football. “Now that we know how dangerous it really is, how could I in good conscience let my 7-year-old son go out there and play in a preseason football game?” said Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons, echoing the sentiments of many NFL players who told reporters that the potentially devastating health costs associated with participating in a full four-game preseason outweigh any reward, especially at the professional level. “The fact of the matter is that we just didn’t understand the full risks of preseason football back when I first started playing. I love this sport, but I’m not going to let my child put his long-term health on the line just to play …

The Onion

Sports News in Brief: Younger Vikings Players Picking Adrian Peterson’s Brain For Parenting Tips

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN—Hoping to gain some insight from his incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, younger Minnesota Vikings players told reporters Friday that they have been picking running back Adrian Peterson’s brain during minicamp for helpful parenting advice. “My 4-year-old has been throwing a ton of tantrums lately, so naturally I sought out Adrian to see how he handles these situations with his own kids,” said wide receiver Adam Thielen, adding that he hoped to get the six-time Pro Bowler’s perspective on how to quickly and effectively discipline his children to prevent their bad behavior from getting out of hand. “Sometimes when I tell her to clear her plate, she’ll just outright ignore me, and getting her ready for bed is always such a struggle every single night. But Adrian is the go-to guy on the team for all this stuff, so I’m sure he …

The Onion

These Little Softball Players Look Adorably Tough in Frozen -Inspired Team Photo

Freeze, Girls Softball TeamThis is most likely the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

When it came time for this Edmond, Okla., girls softball team to take their team photo, they decided to pay homage to their…

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Sports News in Brief: FIFA Advises Female Players Unhappy With Turf To Spend More Time In Midair

ZURICH—Following widespread complaints that teams in the Women’s World Cup have been forced to play on synthetic fields, officials from FIFA held a press conference Thursday advising players unhappy with the turf to spend more time in midair. “In light of recent concerns, we are encouraging all players unsatisfied with the current field conditions to remain suspended in the air for as long as possible during matches,” said FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke, adding that players can minimize the higher risk of injury associated with artificial turf by keeping their bodies at least six inches above the rubber-based field during jumping headers or scissor kicks. “Anyone worried about severe bruising or painful skin abrasions should consider continuously leaping throughout all 90 minutes of a game in order to avoid too much direct contact with the playing surface. And while the turf does reach temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit …

The Onion

Sports News in Brief: NBA Players Association Calls For Increased Referee Presence In High-Foul Areas

NEW YORK—Noting that the rampant problem has devastated rosters across the league, representatives from the National Basketball Players Association demanded an increased referee presence in high-foul areas, sources confirmed Friday. “Something has to be done to crack down on all the foul-ridden sections of the court, and the only solution is having more referees out there to combat this issue head-on,” said NBPA executive director Michele Roberts, adding that the league must immediately position additional officials in the low post area, which has become a hotspot for personal, technical, and flagrant fouls. “We can’t let this situation get any worse than it already is. We’ve seen too many instances of power forwards and shooting guards getting hacked out there, and there are certain parts of the paint where players are too scared to even drive. It’s absolutely unacceptable.” Roberts added that the NBA needs to implement …

The Onion

Brittney Griner — 7 Game Suspension Is Ridiculous … Says WNBA Players Assoc.

Brittney Griner is getting SCREWED by the WNBA — so says the WNBA Players Association, which claims Griner’s 7 game suspension for domestic violence is “excessive and inappropriate.” We broke the story … Griner and her wife Glory Johnson were each hit…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Hines Ward — Single NFL Players Have Bullseyes On Their Backs

Young, rich, single NFL players better get chicks to sign contracts before taking them out on dates … at least that’s how former Steelers superstar Hines Ward sees it.The ex Super Bowl champ went on Meredith Viera’s talk show and said single NFL…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Michael Sam on Gay Players in the NFL | Oprah Prime | Oprah Winfrey Network

In May 2014, Michael Sam became the first openly gay player drafted into the National Football League. Since then, he says he has been contacted by other gay players in the NFL who aren’t public.

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Michael Sam on Gay Players in the NFL | Oprah Prime | Oprah Winfrey Network
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