Bill Cosby Sentencing Will Have a Swarm of Security for His Protection

Bill Cosby will have no shortage of protection when he appears before the judge for sentencing in his sexual assault case. Montgomery County Sheriff Sean Kilkenny tells us … law enforcement in his small Pennsylvania town will be “100 percent all hands…


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World’s Tallest Actress Wants Protection … From ‘Amazon’ Shooter

Lindsay Kay Hayward says a guy with a gun has made her life miserable and she needs a judge to protect her from harassment and harm. Lindsay — the nearly 7 footer on TLC’s “My Giant Life” — claims her manager has guns, practices shooting…


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Disgraced NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Joined White Skinhead Gang In Prison For Protection

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy reportedly continued his poor decision-making ways during his prison term which ended in 2009. In a recent interview with Pat Jordan for New York Magazine, the 48-year-old habitual cheater admitted to joining a white power gang for protection from his fellow inmates.

Why did he need protection you may ask? He dropped a dime on a few guys who were gambling. Oh-the-motherf*cking irony.

Donaghy didn’t much like prison. “Too many criminals,” he says. Men who had killed informants, meth dealers, wives. He called his mother: “Mom! Oh my God! I don’t belong here! I could get killed.” But that didn’t stop him from ratting out his fellow inmates for gambling. Then he joined a white-power gang to avoid retribution (he didn’t want to get the tattoo and says they let him shave his head instead).

When he was paroled in 2009, he returned to Sarasota and slept on a sofa in his friend’s office. His daughters were humiliated and his ex-wife hated him, he says, so, in despair, he visited his parents’ home on the Jersey Shore. He sat with his father in an office decorated with memorabilia from his father’s NCAA refereeing career. Donaghy noticed “a sizable void on the wall” that had once been filled by a framed newspaper photograph of Donaghy and his father as two famously respected referees. When I ask Donaghy if he’s reconciled with his father, he says, yes, they’re close again. “Did your father put back up that framed newspaper photo of you two as refs?” I ask. “No,” he says.

We are driving around Sarasota, in a middle-class neighborhood of concrete-block homes with scruffy grass yards. Donaghy’s a landlord here and points out homes he owns while he talks.

He says his first job out of prison was as “a counselor at a gambling-treatment center, but the guy never paid me.” He had other offers, from gamblers, Vegas, bookies, to be an NBA handicapper, but his probation officer forbade him to take any job related to gambling until his parole was up. “I was on ice,” Donaghy says, before his book, Personal Foul, came out. But the book didn’t make any money, according to his publisher, Shawna Vercher. Donaghy was certain she “was trying to steal my money.” Vercher claimed she sent all of Donaghy’s royalties to the U.S. Attorney’s office as restitution for his crimes.

Read the rest of New York Mag’s profile right here.

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U.S. Court Halts Labor Department Protection For Same-Sex Couples

(Adds background)

By Jon Herskovitz

AUSTIN, Texas, March 26 (Reuters) – A U.S. district judge in Texas on Thursday issued a stay to halt the U.S. Labor Department from implementing a rule that would expand medical leave protections for same-sex couples, saying the move impinges on the rights of states that ban gay marriage.

The state of Texas, which has a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, last week sued the Labor Department over the rule that would grant family medical leave protections to all married same-sex couples.

“The public maintains an abiding interest in preserving the rule of law and enforcing the states’ duly enacted laws from federal encroachment,” wrote Reed O’Connor, a district judge in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

Texas was the first challenge to the department’s rule, which is set to take effect on Friday. Arkansas, Louisiana and Nebraska also joined the suit.

The rule requires companies to follow the marriage laws of the states in which their employees were wed, rather than where they reside, for the purpose of applying the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. That law requires employers to grant workers unpaid leave after giving birth or to care for sick family members.

“We are pleased that the Department of Labor’s effort to override our laws via federal rule-making has been halted, and we will continue to defend our sovereignty in this case,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement.

The rule has been hailed by gay rights groups and attorneys who represent workers and has divided employers. Some companies say it will impose a hefty burden on them to know the relevant laws and employees’ personal information. Others say the opposite, that a uniform policy will ease the financial stress of complying with a patchwork of laws.

The U.S. Supreme Court next month is scheduled to consider for the first time whether there is a constitutional right to marry. A ruling in favor of same-sex couples would likely moot the family leave issue.

(Reporting by Jon Herskovitz; Additional reporting by Daniel Wiessner in New York; Editing by Eric Beech)

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David Geffen — Wins 10 Years of Protection … Stalker Sentenced

David Geffen’s stalker — a former college football player — must stay TWO football fields away from the Hollywood mogul for the next 10 years. Jamie Kuntz plead no contest to misdemeanor stalking in L.A. on Monday … and will undergo at least one year…


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