Magic Dragons – Abigail Raines

Abigail Raines - Magic Dragons  artwork

Magic Dragons

Abigail Raines

Genre: Paranormal

Publish Date: September 26, 2018

Publisher: Abigail Raines

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

For someone who has lost a lot in her short life, love is the last thing Hazel Domitreu thought she would find. Especially in the form of two hotter than sin dragon warriors that accidentally broke free from a centuries old prison.  She's the one who is always last, who's always weakest, and it cuts particularly hard for Hazel because her grandmother was the Black Hills coven's previous leader. For her entire life, she had come to terms with that fact that she would never be strong enough to so much as light a candle, but when her coven, the only family she has left threatens to kick her out, she only has one choice. To do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn't lose, anything or anyone else.  Magic and mayhem, bad guys and dark spirits, one lonely woman and two sexy dragon warriors. Hazel's life just got a whole lot more interesting. Now, she just has to figure out how to survive it.  WARNING : This eBook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only! 

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One Condition – Nova Raines

Nova Raines - One Condition  artwork

One Condition

Nova Raines

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: June 16, 2015

Publisher: NoMi Press

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

USA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIES  The Lust List – Take Your Pick. They're the world's sexiest bachelors. The men of ScandalLust mag's infamous Lust List are young, wealthy, and, oh, did we mention? HOT.  When scandal follows them everywhere, there's no hiding from the cameras. They're irresistible, insatiable–and talented in all the right ways. Every woman wants them. But these playboys won't be easy to catch… Hayley Wade's rock star dad just partied himself into an early grave and left Hayley with a pile of dangerous debt. She plans to pay it off, but her drug-addled father wrote an impossible task into his will: to inherit his wealth, Hayley must steal back a family heirloom he lost to a gold digger. Kaidan Stone grew up surrounded by the world's biggest stars, but never wanted to be in the limelight. When he makes The Lust List, he becomes America's newest celebrity obsession overnight. After Kaidan saves Hayley from a run-in with the aggressive paparazzi, sparks fly, and she discovers the heirloom is in his California mansion. It's the answer to all her problems…but she'll have to betray Kaidan to get it. One Condition Kaidan pushes me harder into the wall and buries his face in my hair, inhaling the scent of me. He lays his lips against my ear. "Do I need to teach you a lesson?" His voice is dripping with lust, and every place on my body where he's touching me radiates heat. I want to tell him to get off me… He's a jerk. But that's not what comes out of my mouth. "It depends what kind of lesson you think I need." With one swift movement he twists me around so my back is against the wall. I can barely see him in the dark, but when his lips meet mine, I close my eyes and sink into the warmth of them. He kisses me hard, with a hunger he didn't have before, plunging his tongue into my mouth, forcing it past my lips. My heart's threatening to leap from my chest as I give in, kissing him back. As soon as I do, he pulls back, leaving my mouth hot, bruised. His hand moves to my lower back, and he pulls me closer, pushing my body into his. Common sense tries to surface, but I push it back down. So what if Mr. Lust List #1 wants to use me and throw me away? I can use him right back. Can't I? Kaidan's eyes glint in the dim light, dark with lust. He kisses me again, slower now, softening his hold on me. Someone giggles from the end of the hall, and Kaidan pulls away from me, listening. There are two voices, two people stumbling through the dark. Kaidan reaches around me, to the door at my back, and opens it. He leads me through the open door, and an excited ache radiates through my stomach, makes me sick with wanting and expectation. He pulls me into the dark room beyond.

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His Secretary – Harmony Raines

Harmony Raines - His Secretary  artwork

His Secretary

Harmony Raines

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: April 23, 2015

Publisher: Silver Moon Erotica

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

As the single parent of two beautiful girls, Helen has been struggling financially since her husband left. When her brother's fiancée offers her a week of temporary work, she accepts it, knowing it will look great on her CV. However, a simple week of typing and filing is soon transformed when successful businessman, Oliver, is drafted in to take over from his uncle during a huge deal. He picks Helen to be his secretary for the week. Soon Helen finds herself split between wanting a career, and being home for her children. Not to mention the confusing feelings she has for her new boss. Who has one rule. He never sleeps with employees. But when they find themselves in Monaco, will he be able to keep to his one rule? Or will he give in to the feelings he has for Helen?

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