Dolce & Gabbana Jumps Back Into Lyst’s Top 20 Hottest Brands Ranking for Q1 

LONDON — The impact of Dolce & Gabbana’s disastrous trip to China last year could be on the wane, with the Italian brand making it back into Lyst’s Top 20 Hottest Brands ranking for the first quarter.
The global fashion search platform revealed Thursday that the brand moved up six places in its latest ranking for the first quarter of the year. Lyst’s previous index report, for the fourth quarter of 2018, saw the brand drop to number 21, following an intense backlash from celebrities, retailers and consumers after a series of cultural gaffes by the house.
In the first quarter, Dolce & Gabbana, which apologized for offending the Chinese, bounced up to 15.
Many predicted the scandal would impact Dolce & Gabbana’s sales, as retailers such as Lane Crawford, Luisa via Roma and Rinascente immediately dropped the brand from their racks and shelves. Based on the latest index, Lyst pointed out that moments of brand turbulence “don’t necessarily dent” consumer demand.
“While big brand moments certainly shape the data (we see spikes from product launches, marketing campaigns and viral social moments), these don’t always affect the baseline of global customer demand for that designer,” said Katy Lubin, vice president of communications at Lyst. “While it seems

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Ranking every MTV VMA ‘Video of the Year’ winner

On Sunday, MTV will host its 34th annual Video Music Awards. To celebrate, we've compiled and ranked every winner of the "Video of the Year" category from worst to best dating back to 1984 until last year. From Bey Hive to "Bad Blood," you don't need to hit us with a "Sledgehammer" to say we like some videos more than others. So from the worst of the best to the best of the best, here is our ranking of MTV's most prestigious award.
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One Direction’s Harry Styles made headlines today for falling while performing on stage, because people are evil and want to watch celebrities slip and fall (SPIN included). It would be one thing if it were Styles’ first tumble, but this is actually the second time he’s wiped out onstage this summer. In fact, it’s been quite a dangerous year for musicians, as a bunch of them have taken a plunge over the stage’s …
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News in Brief: Ranking Women Somehow Not Issue In Miss USA Debacle

NEW YORK—As backlash against the Miss USA pageant continues to spread following controversial anti-immigration remarks made by the contest’s owner, Donald Trump, sources confirmed this week that the overt ranking of women is somehow not a part of the ongoing nationwide outrage. Trump’s inflammatory comments have reportedly prompted NBC to drop the event from its schedule and sparked a number of debates regarding decency and propriety, none of which were said to include placing women onstage and assigning them a number corresponding to their physical appearance. Sources went on to note that lining up 50 bikini-clad women so that millions of viewers could scrutinize their bodies and make their own ratings that they could then compare to the scores of the official judges was, for some reason, completely absent in the recent controversy, which instead focused wholly on whether the spectacle should be shown on a major …

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