Episode 490 Scott Adams: Sanctuary City Persuasion, Climate Change Solutions


  • White House considers shipping illegals to sanctuary cities
    • Phase 2: Why won’t sanctuary cities accept them?
    • Phase 3 Kill Shot: “How many illegal immigrants will you take”
  • Our government is so broken it can’t act on things both sides agree on
  • Nobody “shakes the box” better than President Trump
    • Side Note: AOC also “shakes the box” effectively
  • Small floating cities are essentially aircraft carriers
    • Aircraft carriers are nuclear powered, Gen IV applicable
  • Green Peace supports Gen IV SAFE nuclear power
  • Why aren’t FOX or CNN discussing, covering SAFE Gen IV nuclear?
    • BOTH sides of congress support SAFE Gen IV nuclear power
  • Dems want to say GOP isn’t doing anything about climate change
    • SAFE Gen IV solves climate change, it’s being developed
  • 5G isn’t just faster internet
    • 5G is civilization changing
    • Education, VR, healthcare, everything major will be transformed
  • Lets get to free education the smart way…through technology
    • Schools today: bullying, drugs, sex
    • With technology, we CAN do better for our children

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Eight years ago Francesca Canetti testified against her father—the head of a mafia crime family. Now she’s Frannie Peters, running a bakery in the witness protection town of Sanctuary. Her former-starlet mom and her younger sister mooch off all her hard work, her best employee has terminal cancer, the town’s mafia crew insists she’s one of them and her love life is so non-existent it isn’t even funny. Dare she try and unearth a better life? Matthias Hernandez is a ranch hand with his own bundle of secrets. His feelings for Frannie have lain undiscovered for a long time, until he realizes his family won’t fix itself. It’s time to dig up the future he’s always dreamed of. When Frannie stumbles on a killer at work, the culprit turns his attention to her — and with the attention comes deadly consequences. Can they figure out the identity of the “dark angel” before it’s too late for all of them? ** A Christian Romantic Suspense **

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