The Who and What in EXO – Mia Stephanie Consuelo

Mia Stephanie Consuelo - The Who and What in EXO  artwork

The Who and What in EXO

Mia Stephanie Consuelo

Genre: Music

Publish Date: March 6, 2019

Publisher: Ms. Kristine Joy B. Candidato

Seller: Legazpi Hope Christian School

EXO is a KPop Boy Group which has 12 members, well, now, they are only 9 members left. 3 members left the group with their own reasons. In this book is introducing each members, and telling you their albums and songs. I picked this topic so they can be your inspiration.Chapter 1 only has 2 sections because it’s only the leaders, you’ll get to know them by reading it. On chapter 2 has 10 sections, in that chapter you’ll get to know each members. What’s their birthday, when did they audition to SM Entertainment, it’s all in there. On chapter 3, you’ll get to know their albums and songs, they really have good songs. You should listen to them.

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