Red Marks the Child, The Ankhs (Book1) – Amira Awaad

Amira Awaad - Red Marks the Child, The Ankhs (Book1)  artwork

Red Marks the Child, The Ankhs (Book1)

Amira Awaad

Genre: Paranormal

Publish Date: January 2, 2018

Publisher: Amira Awaad

Seller: Smashwords

The story follows the life of the mythological goddess, Hathor, who was widely worshipped and immensely revered in Ancient Egypt. Here, though, Hathor identifies herself to us as a Djinn. The story starts in her childhood when she recalls how enamored she was with the humans in her remote home town of Salhagaar. Unlike most children of Djinn, she took an interest in humans, and even thought that she was one. In her adolescence, readers follow her to Thebes where she’s called to by the sound of a distant heartbeat. There, she discovers the source of the drum — In a moment of desperation, Hathor travels by Fire for the first time, transporting her back to Salhagaar in the blink of an eye — by Djinn standards, she has come of age. When she awakens, her parents disclose the truth about their ‘kind’ to their daughter, and take her to the city of Zinnat [the City of Djinn], below the Nile. This is where she receives her gifts of magic from the Legai – the Ancient Ones. All the parts of an ancient prophecy begin to point directly at her, turning her world upside down. Knowledge of an ancient prophecy, a river of Fire, and the inevitable unification of three objects called "The Ankhs", sets the world of Humans and Djinn into a race against time!

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