The Pop-up Economy: Citizens of Humanity, Janessa Leone Partner at The Platform

Call it a pop-up economy. Perhaps a combination of retail uncertainty, high rents and fickle shoppers, the pop-up shop may soon need to change its definition as more and more of them appear in Los Angeles, and persist longer than the intended period. But the concept has not worn out its welcome at The Platform, the hipster retail collective in Culver City, Calif., which from the get-go has welcomed these “temporary” shops along with permanent ones.
One of the first to open there two years ago, The Edit by Freda Salvador and Janessa Leone, a partnership between the independently owned shoe brand and hat brand, respectively, has graduated to permanent status and is welcoming a pop-up of its own, with L.A.-based premium denim brand Citizens of Humanity.
The tie-up, which opens May 17, marks the first time The Edit has incorporated apparel items into its store, which necessitated bringing in some new fixtures and dressing rooms along with incorporating the jeans on the existing shelves with accessories.

Janessa Leone, pictured in Citizens of Humanity’s digital style feature. 
Courtesy Citizens of Humanity

The idea came about after Citizens asked Leone to be in an “at-home-style” feature for its digital platform. She then invited them to do

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