The Single Daddy Club: Derrick – Donna Fasano

Donna Fasano - The Single Daddy Club: Derrick  artwork

The Single Daddy Club: Derrick

Donna Fasano

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: December 12, 2012

Publisher: Hard Knocks Books

Seller: Donna J Fasano

The Single Dad: Ex-military man Derrick Richmond. Solitary and satisfied…until little Timmy was dropped into his lap and Derrick had to learn to be somebody's daddy. The Single Woman: Schoolteacher Anna Maxwell. Fate might have denied her a family of her own, but Anna still had plenty of love to give, if only someone would notice. The Solution: Anna would teach Derrick all he needed to know about kids. Father and son would give Anna some precious memories. Then the schoolteacher and the single dad would go their separate ways. Unless one little boy figured out a way to make Miss Maxwell become his mom!

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