Sorry, Ari – Wedding Season

Sorry, Ari - Wedding Season

Sorry, Ari – Wedding Season 5:55
“Sorry, Ari” – Wedding Season

Directed by Staci Roberts Steele
Written by Ellen Ellen
Created by Ari Frenkel
Cinematography by Nate Cornett
Produced by Ari Frenkel & Chiara Montali

“Wedding Season” – Starring: Ari Frenkel and Nicole Pacent Featuring: Maria Pallas, Matthew Jayson Cwern, and James Patrick Duffing.

Also Featuring: Samantha Stinger, Jonah Aimz, Yaniv Bercovitz, Anne Sophie Berthaud, Bradley Castillo, Kylie Contreary, Corinne Davies, Lindsay Faye, Jason Glass, Gary Gunter, Chris Marroy, Antonia Pallas, and Aspen Rose.

Sound Design & Production Sound by Darren Augustus
1st AC – Allan De Leon
Makeup by Ieva Radina

Special Thanks to Jonathan Lee, Justin Anthony Long, Karl Girolamo, Joe Conti, Amy Messeroll, Anisha Adusumilli, Mary Barber, Tiffany Van Goey, Michael Vinton-Spatafora and Percy Rustomji

“Lonesome Loser” by Little River Band
“Block Party” by Chuck Brown

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