The Joint of No Return – Tom Sadira

Tom Sadira - The Joint of No Return  artwork

The Joint of No Return

Tom Sadira

Genre: Adventure

Publish Date: April 1, 2018

Publisher: HIFI Press

Seller: HIFI Press LLC

TAKE A TRIP ON THIS COMEDIC SCI-FI ADVENTURE SAGA! #1 INTERGALACTIC BESTSELLING author Tom Sadira invites you to take a trip to the farthest reaches of outer space in this hilarious sci-fi adventure saga. Charlie Hong is on the run from both sides of the law. He’s spent the last year in hiding, cultivating one last hair-brained scheme to escape his troubles: a clandestine marijuana operation. Just as he’s about to cash in, his cash crop is stolen by a bright light appearing in the night sky. After catching a ride with one of his plants, he finds himself thrown into a world far stranger than anything he could have possibly imagined. Does the stoned stowaway have what it takes to free the Starseed , a massive living spaceship overflowing with bizarre life forms, from the clutches of a mysterious force field trapping it in Earth’s orbit? Is he up for the challenge of fighting an evil Reptilian race bent on enslaving humanity? More importantly, before he decides anything, does he have time to light one up? INTERPLANETARY PRAISE FOR  FAR OUT CHRONICLES : “★★★★★ Tom Sadira’s  Far Out Chronicles  has restored the galaxy’s faith in Earth’s ability to produce fresh and riveting science fiction. Without it, the Council would have demolished that dirty, backwater planet long ago.” —  Emperor Izzug Brutag of the 713th Galactic Council “★★★★★ The fast-paced, imaginative storytelling really helps get things moving during the weeks-long excretion rituals of Alpha Orionis, if ya know what I mean.” —  Blek Ylp, custodial engineer in the Betelgeuse system “★★★★★ The rip-roaring adventure series  Far Out Chronicles  kept the G’wark species distracted long enough for us to complete our weapon and wipe out their homeworld. Thanks Earthling!” —  Commander Zrauvvurbu of the Essari Rebellion  “★★★★★ …so witty and delightful it made me wish that my processor core was capable of laughter. I have scheduled it to be stored in my memory banks for more nanoseconds than is logical…” —  Qu’tron Krix, Prime Instance of the Cyborg Continuum “★★★★★ The hivemind of Pollux Major loved the  Far Out Chronicles  so much that we couldn’t wait for more books in the series. We’ve used our forbidden time-jump technology to travel forward in time to get our hands on the complete works of Tom Sadira. All we can say is: it was totally worth the risk of temporal paradox!” —  The Hivemind of Pollux Major Readers have compared the the Far Out Chronicles  series to Douglas Adams '  Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy , Barry J. Hutchison's  Space Team  series, Robert Heinlein, Ernest Cline, John Scalzi, and James S.A.Corey.

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