Vin and Omi Pioneers a New Eco Religion

Last night at the St. Pancras under the iconic wrought-iron and glass ceiling of the Victorian train station, eco design duo Vim and Omi staged the brand’s largest collection with 70 looks and launched the Bin 2 Body project in collaboration with London College of Fashion. Passengers coming off of the Eurostar train looked on with curiosity as models, both street cast and professionals, strutted around the Grand Terrace of St. Pancras International wearing a collection inspired by a mixture of underground movements including punk, Nineties Club Kids, Mexican and Harlem subcultures.
“We wanted really bright clothes, really bold silhouettes and it’s really in your face to provoke thought,” Vin told WWD after the show.
Emblazoned on rubber pinafores, elongated tank tops, one-piece swimming costumes, oversized tack bottoms and deconstructed dresses were poodle and pentagram motifs, as well as the slogan Fake News. Vin and Omi have deftly made a stance for a new approach to fashion since the brand started. And this season, the pair has made perhaps their strongest statement yet, championing a new kind of religion — an eco one — where intelligence (poodles are among the smartest animals), respect for the earth (the pentagram is a pagan symbol

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