House of Holland RTW Spring 2019

Henry Holland vapes. And his favorite flavor is mint — which explains all the minty neon colors and the unexpected accessories he introduced.
“I just thought it’d be interesting to create some cool vaping accessories”, he said when asked about the e-cigs that poked out of body harnesses and neck pouches.
The first look, a bright orange power suit, had Holland’s front-row celebs nodding in approval — or maybe they were just head bopping to the up tempo soundtrack.
“I wanted to capture the increasing pace of life and this collection is about the woman who just got out of the shower and has to get to work, the gym, the office, or wherever,” he said.
While attention-grabbing cord-laced neon sandals were shown, there was not much newness to be seen elsewhere. His usual ripstop nylon sportswear pieces, track pants and parachute parkas made their rounds. Maybe Holland too, was in a rush?

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