CES 2017 – LG’s Hub Bots Are Seriously Cute AI Assistants

LG’s Hub Bots have Alexa’s super AI brains in bodies made for shaking it to your favorite tunes.
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GOP & Russian Bots Want You To #BoycottKeurig Instead Of Pedophiles, Woke Twitter Spots The Jig

The GOP is still trying to justify keeping Roy Moore as a Senate candidate instead of giving him the boot for being an alleged pedophile. The latest on this struggle is people calling for a boycott of Keurig—yes, the coffee machine maker—for having the audacity remove its ads from Moore apologist Sean Hannity’s show on FOX News.

Many are woke enough to know it’s probably Russian bots helping this suspect at best trending topic.

Also, the fact that the alt-right friendly have no problems with a grown man dating teens isn’t lost on many.


Photo: Keurig

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Shred Bots: R3boot – Tom Hannam

Tom Hannam - Shred Bots: R3boot  artwork

Shred Bots: R3boot

Tom Hannam

Genre: Sports

Price: $ 12.99

Release Date: October 31, 2017

Winter is fast approaching. The Shred Bots anticipate winters return. The seasons change, leaves are turning and snow flakes are soon to fly. Excitement is in the air! The mountains finally get the long awaited fresh white canvas to let your imagination run wild and turbo boost your creative spirit. You feel like taking on new challenges and exploring new terrain. Whether you find it within or outside yourself, learning new tricks, stacking clips or just riding somewhere new with your friends. Everyone feels the Reset coming. Call it a Shmotivator, or how about Funspiration? Shred Bots Presents yet another fun focused power jam of a full length brain hurricane. Get hyped, strap in and hold on, your shred fix is here, this is R3boot! Follow us on this journey as Torstein Horgmo, Craig McMorris, Mark Sollors, Anto Chamberland, Werni Stock, Josh Carreola, Kyle Mack, Nik Baden, Brandon Davis and more travel the globe in search of their own version of a R3boot.

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Secrets of War – Dennis Bots

Dennis Bots - Secrets of War  artwork

Secrets of War

Dennis Bots

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: February 27, 2015

Tuur and Lambert are best friends in a Nazi-occupied Dutch village. When Maartje joins their class, the boys embrace their new friend, forming a unique bond based on shared adventures, secrets and mischief. Ultimately, the realities of war will catch up with them, as they discover each other’s secrets and just how different from each other they really are. Secrets Of War puts both the danger and the humanity of wartime friendships squarely on the shoulders of three children who must face extraordinary circumstances with a maturity far beyond their years. Official Selection – Toronto Int'l Film Festival, New York Int'l Children's Film Festival

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