A Witch in Time Saves Nine – Nikki Broadwell

Nikki Broadwell - A Witch in Time Saves Nine  artwork

A Witch in Time Saves Nine

Nikki Broadwell

Genre: Fiction & Literature

Publish Date: July 25, 2016

Publisher: Nikki broadwell

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

When Emeline Chase walks through a portal and ends up in Salem of 1692 she reallizes that her grandmother's stories were actually true–there are witches in the family, and she's one of them.  But why is she here? Her conclusion that she's in the past to change history puts her into mortal danger. What she doesn't realize is that the more she meddles in the past the more her own time line will be affected. With witch hunters after her and an uncertain  future, Emeline must find a way to stay alive.

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Moonstone – Nikki Broadwell

Nikki Broadwell - Moonstone  artwork


Nikki Broadwell

Genre: Epic

Publish Date: April 19, 2011

Publisher: Airmid Publishing

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

Finna's mother is dead. So why is this woman standing on her stoop claiming to be just that? Catriona arrives bearing a gift—a luminous moonstone that holds the secrets to Finna's heritage. What heritage?  Before Finna can reply, Catriona is telling her all about a journey the two of them must make to the castle of the Celtic moon goddess, Arianrhod. Moon goddess? The story Catriona weaves is preposterous. A parallel reality, known as the 'Otherworld', exists right next to this one. According to the woman's description, this place is stuck somewhere in the past, with no electricity, cars or any other modern conveniences. "The moonstone will show the way," Catriona intones cryptically. Newly pregnant Finna is naturally skeptical. Where has this woman been for the past eighteen years? And why would her father lie about her mother's death? All her instincts tell her to stay put during this critical time. But Catriona is uncannily persuasive, convincing her despite all of Finna's misgivings. What a trip through this alternate reality really means, and the secrets Catriona reveals as they travel, have Finna questioning everything she has ever known. With her life and that of her unborn child in jeopardy, Finna must find a way to survive.

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