Cardi B’s New ‘Money’ Video Looks, Well, Like It Cost A Lot Of Money

Cardi B’s new money-filled “Money” video is one hell of a boob-filled, expensive-looking ride.

Ariana Grande Is Following In Cardi B’s Footsteps With This Late Night Takeover

Ariana Grande announces that she’ll take over “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” for a full episode on May 1.

Is Cardi B’s ‘Bickenhead’ Her Next ‘Bodak Yellow’? And More Moments From Invasion Of Privacy

MTV News breaks down what songs on Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ have the best possible chance of eclipsing the success of ‘Bodak Yellow.’

Cardi B’s Debut Album Is Coming — See The Cover And Release Date

Cardi B reveals the release date and cover art for her debut album, Invasion of Privacy.

11 Tweets Perfectly Capturing The Greatness of Bruno Mars & Cardi B’s “Finesse (Remix)” Video

Bruno Mars and Cardi B got an early contender for video of the year with the clip for the “Finesse (Remix).” Since it dropped, the Internets has been showering the song and visual for its ’90’s nostalgia-inducing vibes. 

While Bruno Mars is no doubt a generational talent, Cardi B made the track exponentially more fire.

Real recognize real. That said, here are 11, or so, tweets that encapsulate why everyone is loving the the “Finesse (Remix)” so much.

Where is the lie?

The ’90s really were the best.

Cardi B can do no wrong, right?

The Cross Colours-flavored gear was definitely on point.

So powerful, so emotional.

Yeah, Cardi B stayed winning in 2017, and 2018 is already no different.

But let’s not forget to give Bruno Mars his props.

Cardi B is all of us.

Wait, when did Bruno Mars’ 24K album come out?

#ForTheCulture, indeed.

Good music definitely has healing properties.

The Accuracy.

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Post Malone Confused About Lil B’s Twitter Attack

Post Malone found himself on the end of an attack from Lil B last month that became part of a larger discussion about race, music and cultural appropriation, but done in the typically random Based God fashion. In an interview with The Dana Cortez Show, Malone said he didn’t understand why the Bay Area rapper went after him and said he was confused by it all.

Post Malone has contended with the image he’s surfing a rap wave and not committed to the music, but he pushed back during the interview when he was asked if being a white artist in a Black art form was being held against him.

“Especially coming into the game and being so young and not really having an identity. Being a young kid, there’s so much going on around you and it’s so easy to be someone else or something and want to be something you’re not,” Malone said.

He added, But coming into my own and really figuring out who I am and what kind of music I want to make and how I want to really shift the culture and shift the genre… now I think, with this last album, I’ve shut a lot of people up that just wanted to call me a cultural appropriator or a one-hit wonder. It doesn’t bother me anymore that people question me.”

Cockiness aside, Malone is currently winning on the charts and breaking records. But about this whole shutting people up angle? Simmer down, cowboy. You’re still on notice for pump faking about Hip-Hop.

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Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’ Makes Its Move to No. 1

The rapper’s song displaced Taylor Swift from the top of the Hot 100 while Foo Fighters’ “Concrete and Gold” debuted at No. 1 on the album chart.
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Cardi B’s First Album Is Coming This October

The festival crowd at Made In America heard the news first: Cardi B is dropping her debut full-length in October.

Chance The Rapper And Young Thug Dedicate ‘Big B’s’ To SoundCloud

Chance the Rapper released his new song exclusively to SoundCloud, amid the streaming site

The new song follows cryptic tweets from Chance, proclaiming he helped save the streaming service

(Image credit: Lorne Thomson/Getty Images)

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Does Doe B’s Mother Want To Talk To T.I.?

This situation with T.I. and Doe B is not going away. I promise. There is more to come, but in the meantime, I am getting word that Tip may want to talk to Doe’s mother! Her name is Shirley Thomas and she sent a very respectful “kite” to Tip, a source has revealed to me. Well, check out what she has to say. I wonder if the call request is because of this notion that T.I. owes Doe B. Click here for that story. Remember Tip COMPLETELY denies that he owes Doe anything and says that he made no money off of him either. Peep it.

Meanwhile, Tip has dropped this dope EP called “Da Nic” – click here to read it.

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