Madam Satan – Cecil B. DeMille

Cecil B. DeMille - Madam Satan  artwork

Madam Satan

Cecil B. DeMille

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 4.99

Rental Price: $ 0.99

Release Date: September 20, 1930

A man is bewitched by the mysterious Madam Satan he meets at a lavish masquerade ball. Does this mean the end of his marriage to the demure spouse he left at home? Not likely, because the temptress is really his wife in disguise! Cecil B. DeMille directs this pre-Code musical extravaganza about a wife who teaches her errant husband a lesson in love. The risqué plot is a hoot, but what really makes this film is its can-you-believe-it production values: the ball, held on a giant dirigible, features a balletic salute to electricity, complete with human spark plugs — and a party-ending bolt of lightning that renders the airship flightless, sending the revelers leaping for their lives. (Amazingly, the actors do their own stunts.) Happy landings!

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The Ten Commandments – Cecil B. DeMille

Cecil B. DeMille - The Ten Commandments  artwork

The Ten Commandments

Cecil B. DeMille

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: October 5, 1956

For sheer pageantry and spectacle, few motion pictures can claim to equal the splendor of Cecil B. DeMille's 1956 remake of his epic The Ten Commandments. Filmed in Egypt and the Sinai with one of the biggest sets ever constructed for a motion picture, this version tells the story of the life of Moses (Charlton Heston), once favored in the Pharaoh's (Yul Brynner) household, who turned his back on a privileged life to lead his people to freedom. With a rare on-screen introduction by Cecil B. DeMille himself, this unforgettable movie experience is enhanced by a Dolby surround stereo soundtrack.

© 1956 © 1956 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. TM, ® & Copyright © 2003 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

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Oprah Winfrey Brings Down The House With Cecil B. DeMille Award Acceptance Speech

Talk-show host, actress, producer and humanitarian Oprah Winfrey accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes on Sunday night with a speech referencing the civil rights movement as well…

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“I’m Just Glad Cecil The Lion Didn’t Live To See The Mac And Cheese Kid,” By Walter Palmer, DDS

I'm Just Glad Cecil The Lion Didn't Live To See The Mac And Cheese Kid, By Walter Palmer, DDS

"I'm Just Glad Cecil The Lion Didn't …
The man who shot Cecil the Lion is glad he did it before the majestic beast had to see the shameful behavior of Luke Gatti, the “Mac And Cheese Kid” expelled from UConn.
Submitted by: John Harris
Keywords: Drunk College Kid Wants Mac & Cheese So Badly He Shoves A Restaurant Manager Wrestles A Chef And Gets Arrested — And It's All On Video! Why UConn Mac And Cheese Attack Isn't Funny Luke Gatti reportedly expelled from UConn for mac and cheese tantrum Drunk Bro Throws Kid-Sized Tantrum Over Not Getting His Mac And Cheese arrested after refusing to leave cafeteria until he is served Frat boy begging for mac and cheese unlocks Ultimate White Privilege badge Drunk College Student Begs For Macaroni Cheese Assaults Workers Gets Arrested Watch: College Student Wanted Mac and Cheese So Bad He Got Expelled From UConn for It
Views: 8,868

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How Cecil the Lion Rescued a Wildlife Program on the Verge of Extinction

Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit was close to shutting down its anti-poaching team. Then Walter Palmer killed a lion, the group was mentioned on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ and a $ 1 million donation drive became a roaring success.

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Cecil the Lion Killer Walter Palmer — Illegally Killed Black Bear … Pled to Felony (PHOTO)

Dr. Walter Palmer is no stranger to posing with illegally killed animals … new photos have surfaced of a black bear he illegally shot and killed … years before he took the life of Cecil the Lion.  Palmer shot the bear in an area where the animal…


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Bob Barker on Cecil — I’m Happy There’s a Bounty on Dentist’s Head (VIDEO)

Bob Barker has no problem if someone does to Dr. Walter Palmer what he did to Cecil The Lion … kill him. Barker and his partner Nancy Burnet believe Palmer and hunters like him have a personality defect like other…


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Empire State Building Pays Tribute To Endangered Animals, Remembers Cecil The Lion

Cecil the lion, a majestic black-maned beast who once roamed the woodlands of Zimbabwe’s Hwange, was found dead last month on the outskirts of the national park. He had been killed by an American dentist for tens of thousands of dollars, then skinned and beheaded for a hunting trophy.

Cecil’s death has sparked outrage worldwide, as people everywhere lament the damage that humans continue to inflict on the populations of not just lions, but the planet’s many endangered creatures. On Saturday night, the Empire State Building served as a timely, sky-high reminder of this devastating impact, as images and video of threatened animals were projected onto the façade of the iconic New York City skyscraper.

Cecil was one of the animals featured.

For three hours, “insects, sea creatures, mammals, and birds crawled, swam, and flew over” the Empire State Building “as spectators ‘oohed’ and ‘awed,’” said The Verge. Snow leopards, tigers, lemurs, and manta rays were among the creatures on display.

The spectacle, achieved with the help of 40 projectors, was organized by the Oceanic Preservation Society and the filmmakers of “Racing Extinction,” an upcoming documentary about humans’ impact on threatened species.

“I’m hoping with this film and this event, we can raise awareness and start a movement,” the film’s director Louie Psihoyos (of “The Cove” fame) told The Verge.

NBC New York says the projections were a first for the Empire State Building, which is typically lit up with colors or, on occasion, light shows.

In total, 160 species were featured on the skyscraper. The New York Times says the production cost $ 1 million.

Scroll down to see more pictures from the event:

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Meredith Vieira — I Feel Bad for Cecil the Lion … And His Killer (VIDEO)

Meredith Vieira’s heart breaks for Cecil the Lion, but she believes the bloodlust for his killer has gone too far. Vieira was leaving Craig’s Wednesday night when she told our photog she feels if Dr. Walter Palmer acted…


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Cecil the Lion — Zimbabwe Says Dentist is a Criminal … Extradition Already in Play

The other shoe has dropped … Zimbabwe officials say the dentist who killed Cecil violated criminal laws in the barbaric hunt and have started the process to get him extradited from the U.S. to the scene of the crime.   The Environment, Water and…


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Cecil The Lion: Will Dentist Be Extradited?

The world is still talking about dentist Walter Palmer killing Cecil the lion. Could Palmer be extradited to Zimbabwe to face charges?

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