Episode 496 Scott Adams: Help Me Convert MS Word Footnotes from Letters to Numbers

I’ll pay $ 100 to first person who can help me convert MS Word Footnotes from letters (i) to numbers (2)

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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Illustrated, Inline Footnotes) – William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Illustrated, Inline Footnotes)  artwork

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Illustrated, Inline Footnotes)

William Shakespeare

Genre: Performing Arts

Publish Date: September 20, 2016

Publisher: Oakshot Press

Seller: Christian Delaney

• Each play Illustrated with Illustrations unique to this release, over 350 Illustrations in total.  • Biography and literary critique includes annotated inline footnotes. The Plays. The Comedies of William Shakespeare. • All's Well That Ends Well. (Illustrated) • As You Like It. (Illustrated) • Comedy of Errors. (Illustrated) • Cymbeline. (Illustrated) • Love's Labour's Lost. (Illustrated) • Measure for Measure. (Illustrated) • Merchant of Venice. (Illustrated) • Merry Wives of Windsor. (Illustrated) • Midsummer Night's Dream. (Illustrated) • Much Ado about Nothing. (Illustrated) • Taming of the Shrew. (Illustrated) • Tempest. (Illustrated) • Troilus and Cressida. (Illustrated) • Twelfth Night. (Illustrated) • Two Gentlemen of Verona. (Illustrated) • Winter's Tale. (Illustrated) The Histories of William Shakespeare. • Henry IV, Part 1. (Illustrated) • Henry IV, Part 2. (Illustrated) • Henry V. (Illustrated) • Henry VI, Part 1. (Illustrated) • Henry VI, Part 2. (Illustrated) • Henry VI, Part 3. (Illustrated) • Henry VIII. (Illustrated) • King John. (Illustrated) • Pericles. (Illustrated) • Richard II. (Illustrated) • Richard III. (Illustrated) The Tragedies of William Shakespeare. • Antony and Cleopatra. (Illustrated) • Coriolanus. (Illustrated) • Hamlet. (Illustrated) • Julius Caesar. (Illustrated) • King Lear. (Illustrated) • Macbeth. (Illustrated) • Othello. (Illustrated) • Romeo and Juliet. (Illustrated) • Timon of Athens. (Illustrated) • Titus Andronicus. (Illustrated) The Sonnets of William Shakespeare. The Poems of William Shakespeare. The Biographies of William Shakespeare. • Some Account Of The Life Of Mr. William Shakespeare By Nicholas Rowe. • Shakespeare His Life, Art, And Characters By Henry Norman Hudson. • The People For Whom Shakespeare Wrote By Charles Dudley Warner. • Life Of William Shakespeare By Sir Sidney Lee. • Shakespeare's Family By Mrs. C. C. Stopes. (Inline Footnotes) • The Man Shakespeare and His Tragic Life Story by Frank Harris. • Shakespearean Playhouses: A History Of English Theatres Joseph Quincy Adams, Jr. (Illustrated / Inline Footnotes) The Critical Works of William Shakespeare. • Notes To Comedies By Samuel Johnson. • Notes To Tragedies By Samuel Johnson. • A Study Of Shakespeare By Algernon Charles Swinburne. • Preface To Shakespeare And Notes On Plays By Samuel Johnson. • Eighteenth Century Essays On Shakespeare By D. Nichol. • Shakespeare's Attitude Toward The Working Classes By Ernest Crosby. • Shakespearean Tragedy by A. C. Bradley. (Inline Footnotes) • Leo Tolstoy on Shakespeare – A Critical Essay. (Inline Footnotes) • Shakespeare By Samuel Taylor Coleridge. • Characters of Shakespeare's Plays by William Hazlitt.

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The Complete Works of J.M. Barrie (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes) – J.M. Barrie

J.M. Barrie - The Complete Works of J.M. Barrie (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)  artwork

The Complete Works of J.M. Barrie (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

J.M. Barrie

Genre: Theater

Publish Date: June 10, 2017

Publisher: Oakshot Press

Seller: Christian Delaney

Ebook comes with main table of contents and interlinked sub table of contents.  Each chapter is clearly marked so user knows which book within the boxset is being read.  The Novels of J.M. Barrie. • Better Dead. • Auld Licht Idylls. • When A Man’s Single.  • A Window In Thrums. • The Little Minister . (Illustrated) • Sentimental Tommy. • Tommy And Grizel. (Illustrated) • The Little White Bird or Adventures In Kensington Gardens. • Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens. (Illustrated) • Peter And Wendy. (Illustrated) The Novellas of J.M. Barrie. • A Tillyloss Scandal.  • Farewell Miss Julie Logan. The Short Story Collections of J.M. Barrie. • A Holiday In Bed And Other Sketches. • Two Of Them. • Echoes Of The War. The Plays of J.M. Barrie. • Ibsen’s Ghost. • Walker, London. • Jane Annie. • The Professor’s Love Story. • The Wedding Guest. • Quality Street. • The Admirable Crichton. • Little Mary. • Peter Pan. • Alice Sit By The Fire. • What Every Woman Knows. • When Wendy Grew Up – An Afterthought. • Old Friends. • Half An Hour. • Der Tag (The Tragic Man). • Pantaloon. • The Twelve Pound Look. • Rosalind. • The Will. • The New Word. • A Kiss For Cinderella. • Seven Women. • The Old Lady Shows Her Medals. • Dear Brutus. • A Well-Remembered Voice. • Shall We Join The Ladies? • Mary Rose. • Barbara’s Wedding. • The Boy David. The Speeches. • M’Connachie And J. M. B. (Inline Footnotes) The Non Fiction of J.M. Barrie. • An Edinburgh Eleven. • My Lady Nicotine. (Illustrated) • The Boy Castaways of Black Lake Island. (Illustrated) • Neither Dorking Nor The Abbey. • Charles Frohman: A Tribute. • Preface To The Young Visiters. The Memoirs by J.M. Barrie. • Margaret Ogilvy By Her Son J. M. Barrie. • The Greenwood Hat. Being A Memoir Of James Anon 1885-1887. The Biography on J.M. Barrie. • J.M. Barrie And The Theatre By Henry Mackinnon. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

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JAY-Z Shares “Kill Jay Z” Footnotes Video Featuring Chris Rock, Van Jones & More

It's all about the ego.

HipHopDX News

“Footnotes For ‘Kill Jay Z’” Now Available Exclusively On TIDAL

Jay-Z‘s visual roll out for his 13th studio album, 4:44, has been just as much part of the event as the actual music itself. Adding to the allure is the latest video footnote for the album’s opening track “Kill Jay Z” in where former Watch The Throne collaborator Kanye West catches a few strays.

As with the other footnotes, the clip jumps between casual conversations regarding the song in focus. With “Kill Jay Z,” Hov explains that the song is about removing ego.

“It’s really about the ego,” Jay Z says. “It’s about killing off the ego so we can have this conversation in the place of vulnerability and honesty. Jay-Z, the public persona, couldn’t have this conversation with you. He has to be eliminated, he has to be moved. So it’s really Shawn Carter speaking to Jay-Z.”


Check out the teaser clip below and if you’re on TIDAL, the whole clip is available.

Photo: TIDAL

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