Cuban Fury – James Griffiths

James Griffiths - Cuban Fury  artwork

Cuban Fury

James Griffiths

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 0.99

Release Date: April 12, 2014

1987: 13-year-old Bruce Garrett, a natural born salsa dancer with fire in his heels and the world at his feet, is perfectly poised to clinch the title at the UK Junior Salsa Championships. But then… a freakish bullying incident on the mean streets of London robs him of his sequins and his confidence, and our young hero finds his life diverted down a very different path. So it is that 25 years later, an adult Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost), finds himself out-of-shape, unloved and emotionally inert – trapped in a downward spiral of self pity. It takes Julia (Rashida Jones), his smart, funny, gorgeous new American boss, to force him to confront the demons of his past and re-examine his passionless existence. Bruce fears it's an impossible challenge – she's way out of his league ("She's a 10, I'm a 2!") and long held self doubts prove tricky to shed. Luckily for him, Julia also has a secret passion… salsa dancing. Maybe, just maybe, this is his way in… But life is never that easy for Bruce. First he's got to get past Drew (Chris O’Dowd), the oversexed alphamale of the office and Bruce's tirelessly taunting team manager. With Drew making no secret of his desire to make Julia his latest conquest, Bruce is forced into action and brought face-to-face with his darkest and most powerful inner demons. Somehow, with a lot of handholding from loyal sister Sam (Olivia Colman), his old mentor Ron (Ian McShane) and crazy new amateur salsa pal Bejan (Novak) Bruce must learn to unshackle his dancing beast, regain his long lost fury and claim the love of his life… and he’s got to do it all On The Dance Floor… The producers of Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim, Paul, Attack The Block, The World’s End and Sightseers bring together some of the finest comedy talent with some of the world's best salsa dancers. With a thumping score, a dash of sequins and a large squeeze of comedy and romance, Cuban Fury is a movie cocktail that satisfies like no other.


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East and West: The Mystical Connection (Unabridged Nonfiction) – Father Bede Griffiths

Father Bede Griffiths - East and West: The Mystical Connection (Unabridged  Nonfiction)  artwork

East and West: The Mystical Connection (Unabridged Nonfiction)

Father Bede Griffiths

Genre: Arts & Entertainment

Price: $ 0.95

Publish Date: April 3, 2008

© ℗ © 2008 New Dimensions Foundation

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Panic (Wildfire Chronicles Vol. 1) – K.R. Griffiths

K.R. Griffiths - Panic (Wildfire Chronicles Vol. 1)  artwork

Panic (Wildfire Chronicles Vol. 1)

Wildfire Chronicles, no. 1

K.R. Griffiths

Genre: Horror

Publish Date: August 30, 2013

Publisher: K.R. Griffiths

Seller: Smashwords

Michael Evans is only in rural St. Davids to maintain a low profile after his time spent as a city cop ended in disaster. The town is perfect for him: isolated. A tiny population. Virtually no crime. Until the night the strange canisters fall from the sky and the town priest starts killing people with his teeth. To Michael, the bloodbath looks like a murder case that the quiet town's two police officers can't possibly handle. But this isn't just a crime scene. And the priest is just the beginning…

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