Kevin Germanier, Ingy Stockholm Take Recycling to New Levels at

WASTE NOT: “I want to make the most glamorous pieces out of trash — it’s almost like a joke to the industry,” said Kevin Germanier of his fashion creations. His label offers an alternative approach to luxury and what is considered to be waste.
A Louis Vuitton alumnus, Germanier is known for his exuberant, heavily beaded creations made from materials that would otherwise be discarded. He produced his graduate collection using multicolor beads he found in the outskirts of Hong Kong that would have been thrown away because they were slightly faded.
He built on this approach for a collection for Matchesfashion, which debuts Thursday to coincide with London Fashion Week, delivering skirt suits, sculptural tops and denim, covered in multicolor beads. Everything is a one-off piece. No collection, he said, can ever be planned, as it’s entirely dependent on what materials he can source.
“I see limitation as my friend and draw inspiration from these fabrics,” said the young designer, explaining that even though this is a completely new way of working that doesn’t suit the traditional fashion schedule, he is determined to find solutions — and he’s finding kindred spirits online.

Kevin Germanier 
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“It’s very 2018. People reach out on Instagram, saying

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TideBuy Black Friday Sale 90% Off+ Extra Coupon Unveils Colville in London

CALLING COLVILLE: has launched Colville, a contemporary label, with an installation at the retailer’s town house in London’s Marylebone.
Named after artist David Hockney’s Seventies residence, the brand is the brainchild of Molly Molloy, Kristin Forss and Lucinda Chambers. Design directors Molloy and Forss honed their skills at the Italian brand Marni for more than 10 years and worked with Chambers, who styled the label.
The designers describe their label as “personal, modern and eclectic, fearless, sensitive, eccentric and rigorous” and said during a walk-through that it’s an amalgamation of Chambers’, Forss’ and Molloy’s arty styles.
There is a focus on color, self-expression and texture.
The 30-piece offering is filled with layer-able pieces including tailored outerwear, cropped parkas, graphic printed dresses, skirts, jacquard knits and trousers.
The trio has also teamed with jewelry designer Vicki Sarge and milliner Stephen Jones on accessories. Prices range from 345 pounds for a pair of shoes to 1,560 pounds for a coat.
It will be sold exclusively at the British retailer.
“We love working together, we knew we could create a brand that we all wanted to wear and it felt very natural,” said Molloy.
Forss said the inspiration was “the women we know, who are intelligent and exciting and who

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Katie Hillier, Luella Bartley Host Dinner with

ALL SAINT: Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley joined founders Ruth and Tom Chapman for dinner at St. John on Saturday to mark the launch of their label Hillier Bartley, which the retailer is stocking exclusively.
The designers showed their last collection for Marc by Marc Jacobs earlier this year and Bartley said that stint there allowed them to launch their own brand. Hillier remains a consultant at Marc Jacobs.
“This is what we want to do, something separate from the dictates of fashion and trends, and it’s really nice to be able to use the kind of fabrics we want without any restrictions at all,” said Bartley. “It’s not a dead-in-the-eyes luxury. It still has personality, and there’s whimsical touches that we’re known for, but it’s grown up; because we’ve grown up.”
It turns out the pair have a long history with the restaurant.
“Back in the Nineties glory days, Katie [Grand] and Luella had a flat here, above this restaurant, which was once an abattoir,” said Hillier. “Then Katie introduced me to one of her friends, who then became my boyfriend. So basically we all lived upstairs, and St. John was our sort-of canteen.”
Other guests at the dinner included Katie Grand, Laura

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TideBuy Black Friday Sale 90% Off+ Extra Coupon