Let’s Catch Up With Pepper, the Dancing, Surprisingly Helpful Humanoid

Pepper is part of the first wave of intelligent machines that promise to not only make our lives easier, but to bring a strange new form of interaction into being.
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9 Cruelty-Free Coats For Men That Are Surprisingly Warm

Who says fur is the only way to stay warm?
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Let’s Catch Up With Pepper, the Dancing, Surprisingly Helpful Humanoid

Pepper is part of the first wave of intelligent machines that promise to not only make our lives easier, but to bring a strange new form of interaction into being.
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Jennifer Aniston Proves the Printed Dress Can Be Surprisingly Flattering

Jennifer Aniston traded her usual monochromatic palette for an abstract print with figure-flattering details.
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Madonna Gets Surprisingly Nostalgic at First NYC Tour Stop, Then Kicks Amy Schumer’s Ass

For an artist who rarely looks back creatively, Madonna was in a particularly wistful mood during her Madison Square Garden concert on Wednesday (…
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This Couple’s Divorce Selfie Is Surprisingly Sweet

Let’s get divorced — but first, let’s take a selfie. 

Canadian couple Shannon and Chris Neuman did just that last Thursday, filing for divorce at a Calgary courthouse and snapping a quick photo to commemorate the occasion. 

“Here’s Chris Neuman and I yesterday after filing for divorce! But we’re smiling?! Yep, we’re kooky like that,” Shannon said in a Facebook post that’s racked up more than 30,000 shares.  (The post is now private but Shannon shared the screenshot below.) 

Kooky — or just really good co-parents. In the caption, Shannon explained that she and Chris are cheesing it up in the pic because they know they’re doing “something extraordinary” for their two kids by parenting civilly. 

Are we smiling because the partner we chose for forever turned out to not to be the forever partner we needed? Of course not. We’re smiling because we have done something extraordinary (we think anyway!) We have respectfully, thoughtfully and honourably ended our marriage in a way that will allow us to go forward as parenting partners for our children, the perfect reason that this always WAS meant to be, so they will never have to choose. They’ll never have to wonder which side of the auditorium to run to after their Christmas concert or spring play, because we’ll be sitting together. They won’t have to struggle with their own wedding planning because we’ll be sitting on the same side of the aisle – THEIR side. 

Shannon told The Huffington Post on Tuesday that the response so far has been “99 percent positive.” But some were quick to criticize the exes for seemingly celebrating their divorce. 

“We weren’t celebrating with the pic, we were commemorating the accomplishment of a goal that we worked really hard to reach, together,” Shannon, who was married to Chris for 11 years, told HuffPost. “If we were celebrating, it was the completion of the process and coming out on the other side as friends.” 

Now that the photo is going viral, Shannon hopes the couple’s positive co-parenting vibes rub off on others. 

“If it helps any couples struggling (even if they’re complete strangers to us!) then I think that’s awesome and it makes me feel super proud,” she said.

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Target’s “Plaid, Plaid World” Collaboration Surprisingly Wearable

Adam Lippes’ fall line is less tartan, more chic.

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Hear The Surprisingly Optimistic Wavves X Cloud Nothings Collab ‘No Life For Me’

Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings and Nathan Williams of Wavves release their killer summer collab, “No Life For Me.”

The Grateful Dead’s Laid-Back, Yet Surprisingly Shrewd, Business Plan

Famous for its live jams, the band also benefited from spontaneity in its business dealings — especially once it realized fan loyalty could be used to create new fans.

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Terrific TV (But – Not Surprisingly – It’s Not on TV)

The NEW YORKER Presents (TV-MA) (CC) just found me… it’s an Amazon original series, available on multiple platforms as a stream (using either Flash or Silverlight).

The original air date was January 15, 2015, but somehow it never came into my world until today, when a dear friend (a we-must-have-been-together-in-a-past-life friend) mentioned she’d worked on the program… so, I had to take a look, and found Episode No. 1…

The translation from print to streaming is surprisingly perfect, all the smarts and sass and consequential information and humor of which The New Yorker magazine has long been the prime example, above all others, is fully intact.

The balance of humor and serious content can be a slanted and slippery surface, and as many who have suffered through a film “Dramedy” or a TV “Comedrama/Tragicomedy” can testify, it’s indeed a difficult hybrid to pull off.

The New Yorker Presents is masterfully conceived, and the first episode is vital and immediate and as satisfying as a night at The Met followed by drinks at The Pit.

Emily Flake’s sophisticated visual humor is showcased as an appealing punctuation between segments, and done in an engaging format which permits us to see her at once sketching then producing her finished panel.

The first segment of Episode No. 1 erupts with “A Short FIlm” (Alan Cumming as “God” and Brett Gelman as “… the man in a football helmet and a speedo who’s always shouting things next to the supermarket.”) (need I say more ?)

Ariel Levy’s sit-down interview of conceptual performance artist Marina Abramovic is a textbook example of how to do an interview right, and Ms. Abramovic’s responses are artworks in themselves.

Jonathan Demme’s segment (“What’s Motivating Hayes”), based on Rachel Aviv’s article “A Very Valuable Reputation,” is beautifully shot with an economy of style that is sheer genius. In a matter of 14 minutes and 29 seconds we are given a serious glimpse into the morass of corporate funding of scientific research and the look-the-other-way approach taken by the EPA.

Andrew Garfield’s reading of Matthew Dickman’s poem “King” (from “Mayakovsky’s Revolver” — “Notes Passed to My Brother on the Occasion of His Funeral”), is at once much like the poem itself, elevating and deeply heartbroken…

Two elements bind this production together in a superlative way… humor and pathos, and deep intelligence.


Too bad L.A. couldn’t be the source of such a production, but the feel and sensibility of The New Yorker Presents is so distinctly New York that could probably never happen… but I can’t keep from wondering how a classy piece of work such as this would do in L.A. — nope, as I think about it, it’s best left in New York where it was nurtured — brilliant and with precisely the right degree of sassiness.


The default viewer is Silverlight, but use Flash ? The NEW YORKER Presents, Episode No. 1

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Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Tackling One of Spring’s Most Surprisingly Flattering Trends

Photographed by Steven Klein, Vogue, August 2007

I can’t really trace where my aversion to flared jeans began. And it’s not jean-specific, really, so much as pant-specific, though, come to think of it, I don’t own a lot of flared-hem-anythings. Straight and sleek and long, that’s me! (Or straight and sleek and very, very short, if I’m honest, but that’s another story.) Flares are back from the seventies with a vengeance, though, trouncing down the runways and on the streets on the legs of editors, bloggers, and god knows who else. Men don’t seem to like them, particularly, though they’re hard-pressed to explain exactly why. “I like to see a woman’s leg,” says my long-suffering boyfriend, when pushed. (My leg, of course, is what he means by that, right?) And to that end, all that extra fabric, rippling about the ankle, taunting my young golden retriever, who so, so desperately loves to catch a hem in his teeth and pull. Why bother?



Well, because they’re in, my friends, and also, the chances are that you haven’t actually given them a fair shake. I see you out there, rolling your eyes. Costumey, you’re thinking. Dumb. Leave me and my worn-out skinnies alone. Well, I won’t. Because if I do nothing but convince you, at this exact moment, to try a pair of flared jeans this season, I will have done my job. Because look here a second, skinny jeans are swell! We all know that. But they’re also kind of . . . boring. I mean, they’re very versatile—any look! Any shoe! Any top!—and thanks to modern fabrics, quite comfortable, and really very easy. Easy to the point of invisibility, really. It’s the legging of the denim world. Which is fine, I swear. But would you really be here, reading this, if you wanted to spend your whole life in leggings? I didn’t think so.

Jane Birkin


Jane Birkin

Photo: Getty Images

So how did I go from flared-averse to evangelist? Because, um, I actually tried them. At the behest of Vogue.com’s beloved Market Editor and denim expert Kelly Connor, I slid into a few pairs, and suddenly my legs were longer, my waist was slimmer, and I actually looked dressed. And like that, I got it. Chloe Lonsdale, founder and chief creative officer of MiH Jeans (whose Marrakesh flare jean predates this current trend and will long outlast it, for its utterly flattering and perennially Jane Birkin–perfect silhouette), was not exactly surprised. “When you have the cut of a flare right—even if you don’t like flares and you think you will never ever wear a pair—you cannot deny that you look great,” said Lonsdale. “It makes your legs look like they come from under your arms, it’s super slimming, super leg-lengthening, and you just feel great in them. It gives you a sense of something that you don’t get from a skinny jean.” There’s something intentional to it, in other words, a look that you’re after. Think of it this way: If your skinnies are made to blend in, flares are made to stand out. Sure, some styling tricks are required: You have to be aware of your waist (no overly long tops), and a heel really takes the leg-lengthening aspect to exponential heights (though Lonsdale prefers to wear hers with Converse for an ineffably cool, overtly confident effect). But when it comes down to it, spring 2015’s denim trend is not about laziness, or slumping around in your jegging alternatives: It’s about dressing like you mean it. And I’m starting to think that means a flare. So do yourself a favor and try it. The smart money’s on you never looking back.

Here, five great pairs to start the revolution.

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Crop-Top Wedding Dresses Are Officially a Thing—and I'm Surprisingly OK With That

When Hayley Paige sent this head-turning wedding dress down the runway last fall, I'll admit I kind of cringed. With see-through corsets and cut-to-the-bellybutton necklines, wedding dresses are looking more and more like negligees, which…

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